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Ryan Reynolds “loved” making one of his worst movies

Ryan Reynolds knows just how badly this particular action movie of his turned out, but he still has fond memories of the production crew.

Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy

We can all agree DC movie Green Lantern wasn’t the finest hour of Ryan Reynolds. An over-stuffed, effects heavy action movie, the DCU film was critically panned and didn’t do much better at the box office. Much has been said about why, yet Reynolds retains happy memories about production.


While having an on-stage conversation with Deadpool 2 star Rob Delaney at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in London, Reynolds talked about the maligned superhero movie. “There was just too many people spending too much money,” he stated, per Variety. “When there was a problem, rather than say, ‘OK, let’s stop spending on special effects and let’s think about character. How do we replace this big spectacle thing – that isn’t working at all – with something that’s character based?’ and the thinking was never there to do that.”

The science fiction movie famously ballooned in budget for a myriad of reasons, ranging from Reynolds suffering an injury and all sorts of other problems. Apparently, though, the mood behind the camera was good.

“At the same time, there are 185 people that worked on that movie, they all had an amazing time, we loved shooting it,” Reynolds says. “Truly, shooting the movie was a lot of fun. But, you know, sitting in that premiere, watching that, oh my God. It’s tough.”

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That was a low point in Reynolds’s career, since he did the X-Men movie X-Men: Origins – Wolverine just before. A hefty one-two punch of poor choices. Alas, he’s since bounced back quite dramatically, now working on the Marvel movie Deadpool 3.