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Richard Dean Anderson left Stargate for an extremely sweet reason

Richard Dean Anderson was on the cast of Stargate SG 1 for many years, but the actor left the sci-fi series for a particular reason, and it's a sweet one.

Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O'Neill in Stargate SG-1

Sci-fi series Stargate SG-1 ran for an impressive ten seasons. Following a ‘90s movie which kicked the franchise off, numerous sequel Stargate shows also landed after SG-1 started its course.


At the forefront of the adventure was Richard Dean Anderson, who portrayed Air Force Lieutenant General Jack O’Neill in the militaristic adventure series, serving seven years in the Stargate program.

Fans will remember Anderson’s presence was somewhat limited beginning in season 6 of the series before departing after season 8. But, he had an extremely sweet reason for doing so.

In an interview with Michael Shanks for the book ‘Stargate SG-1: The Illustrated Companion – Seasons 5 and 6’, fans were told “Richard Dean Anderson has decided to spend more time with his daughter, and devote more of his energies in that direction.

Shanks continued, “one of the results of his decision is that all the other characters will have the opportunity to do a bit more. This increased responsibility and chance to get involved a lot more was another reason why I wanted to come back [to Stargate SG-1].”

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If there’s a good reason to leave a cult show after years on air, that’s it.

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