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The best VPN for android: protect your smartphone

The best mobile VPN is ExpressVPN. If you're an Android user, it'll give you a private internet experience with tons of benefits.

Best Android VPN, ExpressVPN, displayed on somebody's phone.

The best VPN for Android protects your privacy while you’re browsing the web and streaming on your smartphone. The best VPN services work across a huge number of devices, but some give you a better mobile experience than others.

To save you from wasting time with free VPNs that use your data, or premium VPNs that rip you off with poor services, we’ve picked out the best one for you: ExpressVPN. It’s a service that is widely known and respected and the ideal choice for Android users. Here’s why.

1. Connect via over 100 countries

A VPN allows you to access the internet via servers in other locations, thereby stopping your internet service provider (ISP) and huge corporations from tracking your personal data. With ExpressVPN, you have access to servers in over 100 countries, giving you a wide selection of connection points.

This is especially handy for anyone who wants to access a particular movie, streaming service, or video game that is exclusive to another region. Other top providers, like NordVPN, offer a notably smaller pool of regions to connect through.

2. Boost connection speeds

Some people avoid getting VPNs because they are worried that connecting via a distant server will cause their connection speeds to drop – and they’re gosh darned right to be worried about that. However, as ISPs will typically reduce your connection speeds when you’re using a lot of bandwidth, and the privacy of a VPN stops them from being able to, some people will find their home connection improves with a VPN.

Of course, that’ll only happen if you get a fast service, and ExpressVPN is one of the fastest. With its ultrafast lightway protocol it can provide download speeds that are far better than you’ll get with most other providers and therefore is primed to boost your speed rather than hinder it.

3. Access regional exclusive content

A lot of VPNs have the issue of being blocked by the likes of Netflix or Disney Plus because they know people are using them to access shows from other regions. Not so with ExpressVPN, which works well with all the major streaming platforms.

Part of the reason for this is that it refreshes its servers’ IP addresses regularly. That way, if a service or website has blocked a server’s previous IP address, once it has been refreshed, it can slide right back in – like a slug breaking into a lettuce factory after previously being escorted from the premises.

4. Tons of great privacy features

Like many providers, ExpressVPN has a no-logs policy which means that it is not keeping any tabs on anything you do while the VPN is switched on. This is strongly reinforced by the TrustedServer system which means that the servers can’t write anything.

Aside from this, there’s also the usual suite of privacy features, such as a kill switch which protects you even if the VPN goes down, and AES-256 encryption (which is the standard used by security experts). Meanwhile, if you have a VPN on, you’re safe from suspicious parties when on public Wi-Fi.

5. Up to eight simultaneous connections

Historically, ExpressVPN only allowed users to have up to five simultaneous connections, but as the service is always being expanded and improved upon, it was soon upped to eight. Admittedly, there are some providers with no cap, but it’s still a pretty decent allowance.

With just one plan, you could protect the privacy of every member of your household or even a whole circle of friends. As much as ExpressVPN might cost ever so slightly more than some of the other providers, we think it’s worth it.

That’s five solid reasons that put this one far ahead of the competition. Get ExpressVPN today and enjoy an enhanced online experience with your Android device.