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Martin Scorsese thinks this actor is the best of his generation

The legendary actor Martin Scorsese gave his pick for who he thinks is one of the greatest actors working in Hollywood today .

Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield in Silence

Martin Scorsese, the director of some of the best movies of all time, thinks that one of the actors he has worked with is the greatest of his generation. The director’s best known works include thriller movie Taxi Driver, along with classic crime movie Goodfellas, and the more recent decade-spanning drama movie The Irishman.


Another one of the director’s most notable works is Silence. The historical drama movie follows a priest and his crisis of faith. The actor who plays that character is Andrew Garfield, and he was supported in the movie by Adam Driver.

Now, a video from 2019 has resurfaced which shows Scorsese talking at the Telluride Film Festival. The director is on stage with Driver when he gives his opinion on who he believes is one of the best actors working in the entertainment industry today.

The legendary director said “truly, I gotta say it, [Adam Driver is] one of the finest – if not the finest – of his generation.” Check out the video of his comments for yourself:

That is certainly high praise for Driver, from one of the undisputed best directors of all time. That’s especially because the director has worked with the likes of Leonardo diCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, and more.

However, Driver is an increasingly formidable, bankable name in Hollywood. The actor is twice nominated for an Oscar for his acting, and his turn in the divorce drama movie Marriage Story, along with Scarlett Johansson, was jaw-droppingly good. So, while there might be a few actors who could compete with Driver for the title, he is undoubtedly up there with the greatest of his generation.