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Ray Liotta was grossed out by his own scene in this horror movie

Ray Liotta made a horror movie with Ridley Scott, and in one particularly gruesome scene, even his stomach turned while watching the film in on the big screen.

Ray Liotta in Goodfellas

Many of the best horror movies will make you squeamish, and Ray Liotta found that out the hard way. Even though he stars in the thriller movie Hannibal, he still found what happens to his character hard to stomach.


As he revealed to GQ, the whole process behind his appearance was a little grotesque. “I just started thinking the stuff that they gave me made me goofy and like you’re a bit high, I was doing that and laughing,” he says.

In the body horror movie, Paul Krendler, who’s portrayed by Liotta, is fed portions of his own brain by Hannibal. Icky, and hard to do on film, so Liotta suggest they use dark meat chicken because “it’s hard to chew”. We don’t know what brain texture is like, but seems logical that it’d be tough to parse.

When the picture came out, the Goodfellas star was working on another new movie in Canada, where he went to a viewing after hearing people got a little sickly. “I heard some just left,” he says. “I watched it and I thought ‘Oh my God that’s just disgusting’. But it was fun to do.”

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Hannibal is directed by Ridley Scott, and it follows detective Clarice Starling trying to apprehend the escape serial killer Hannibal Lecter. He got away at the end of The Silence of the Lambs, comfortably one of the best movies ever made, and Clarice has to find him before the sociopathic Mason Verger does.

The drama movie‘s well worth a look, but maybe not if you’ve a weak stomach. Our list of the best comedy movies is generally easier viewing, and our new movies guide will tell you what’s coming out.