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Everybody Loves Raymond star got the role because he was so angry

This Everybody Loves Raymond star was specially qualified for his role in the sitcom, and it wasn't his acting, but the fact he could get so angry.

Everybody Loves Raymond is one of the most beloved comedy series of all time, but not every character on the show is known for, uh, feeling the love. As the father of the titular Raymond and his brother Robert, grumpy Frank Barone could usually be found sulking in his chair or bickering with his wife, Marie.

Like all good sitcom patriarchs, the war veteran was often portrayed as hard-headed and impatient — but was also unafraid to show his softer side on occasion. But in a 2002 interview on the Larry King show, Peter Boyle, who played Frank, revealed that his grumpiness got him the coveted TV series role.

Boyle explained how he came to be cast on the ’90s TV show, “I was out here with — and my kids were visiting from back East because I live back in Manhattan and my girls go to school there. But we couldn’t get on the lot. Then we couldn’t get a parking space. Then when we finally got all of that worked out, we went to where the office — and they said, no, the auditions are being held in another place. So when I walked in, Ray and Phil were there and I was enraged.”

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Ray Romano, who was also present at the interview, joked, “you [Boyle] were in character,” to which Boyle responded, “You’re darn right I was in character!” Boyle added that he arrived at the audition “sweating and yelling,” and at that moment, Romano noted, they knew he was perfect for the role.

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