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Sean Bean reveals his favorite death scene, and he’s spot on

Sean Bean has died nearly twenty-five times during his career, and is known as Hollywood's dying man, but he has one favorite death scene to rule them all.

Sean Bean

Sean Bean as Hollywood’s dying man has become a running joke in the movie and TV industries, as he’s had so many memorable onscreen deaths during his four decade career. In a recent interview, the British actor looked back at his first movie death, and selected his favorite of all the times he’s carked it onscreen.

Bean’s characters in all of his best-known roles – from Game of Thrones to James Bond villain – have suffered a variety of spectacular fates. He got a gruesome near-death in recent horror movie Possessor, but he generally doesn’t die as often nowadays as he did during the 90s and 00s.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Bean reflected on his many deaths; “My first death was a film called Caravaggio (1986), which is about the artist Caravaggio, by Derek Jarman, he’s a wonderful guy, great director. That was my first death, I got my throat slit, which is okay, it’s your first day, so you’re thinking, “Oh great.” [Laughs] But then it goes on, and on, and on.” Caravaggio starred actor-turned-director Dexter Fletcher, who has gone on to helm sports movie Eddie the Eagle, musical Rocketman, and recent Chris Evans movie Ghosted.

Bean’s most memorable deaths were probably his Game of Thrones character Ned Stark, and his Lord of the Rings character Boromir. But only one can be the best; “I suppose the best death was Boromir in Lord of the Rings, that was a very epic kind of death. It was very emotional, very moving, and Peter Jackson allowed me enough time to die and milk it, and get the music and pathos. I like that one.”

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Sean Bean’s Boromir ended up making a massive impact on The Lord of the Rings trilogy, despite his fairly small screen-time. Boromir showed the threat of the one ring on mortal souls and how easily they could become corrupted by its immense power. However, Boromir redeemed himself by sacrificing himself for his four little hobbit friends – sob.

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