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Everything announced at CinemaCon 2023

CinemaCon brings the biggest studios together in Las Vegas to plug new movies. And we'll be watching closely to see everything announced at CinemaCon 2023.

Cinemacon 2023 everything announced: Bumblebee in Transformers 7

Everything announced at CinemaCon 2023. CinemaCon is a big deal in the movie industry, bringing together the most important people from all of the major studios to show off what they’ve got in the pipeline. And that’s very exciting for us because we get to take a look at it all too.

CinemaCon 2023 runs from April 24 to April 27, with plenty of fresh info on the best movies we can expect to see in the next few years, as well as the 2023 movies we haven’t seen yet. The likes of Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, and Paramount Pictures are all there at the glittering event, so we can expect big updates on some of the most exciting franchises in Hollywood.

We’ll be keeping this guide up to date with everything announced at CinemaCon 2023, so you can find out about all of the new movies for multiplexes and streaming services being teased at the fancy convention in Las Vegas. And all without leaving the comfort of your own living room.

Everything announced at CinemaCon 2023

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Everything announced by Sony at CinemaCon 2023

Sony Pictures kicked off CinemaCon 2023 on April 24, and it was Spider-Man movie spin-off Kraven the Hunter in the spotlight. Fans have been excited to see one of the best Spider-Man villains on the big screen, ever since Aaron Taylor-Johnson was cast in the role.

Even more excitingly, we now know that the movie will be R-rated, with CinemaCon attendees revealing that some very violent footage was shown. Someone’s nose gets bitten off at one point. There’s also another Spidey villain on show, with Rhino making an appearance in the footage. The Kraven the Hunter release date can’t come soon enough.

Sony’s presentation began with a filmed message from the set of Bad Boys 4, which is in the fourth week of shooting. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah are back in the director’s chair.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in Bad Boys For Life

There was also an update on arguably Sony’s biggest movie of the year, as the Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse 2 release date draws closer. Co-director Kemp Powers was in attendance along with several of the voice actors, and he confirmed that they’re still hard at work on finalising the sequel to one of the best animated movies in years. They showed the first 14 minutes of the movie, which includes tender moments between Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen.

CinemaCon attendees also saw a trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s adaptation of the videogame Gran Turismo. It tells the story of Jann Mardenborough, who won his way to a racing career by being really good at the game. David Harbour plays his racing trainer, and Orlando Bloom is also in the cast.

Away from the big franchises, Sony screened footage from GameStop stock movie Dumb Money, horror sequel Insidious 5, action-comedy The Machine, and screwball rom-com Anyone But You, starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.

There were some absent big-hitters, though, as we heard nothing new about the Venom 3 release date or the upcoming Ghostbusters 4 release date. Expect more on both of those films in the coming months.

Ezra Miller in DC movie The Flash

Everything announced by Warner Bros at CinemaCon 2023

In the wake of Warner Bros’ hefty panel at CinemaCon on April 25, everyone is talking about The Flash release date. The DC movie screened in full for attendees – and the The Flash first reactions were very positive – but the rest of us will have to make do with a new trailer.

It reveals more about the plot and the threat posed by the returning DC villain Zod, as well as giving us Batman actor Michael Keaton reprising his famous “you want to get nuts, let’s get nuts” line.

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Elsewhere on the DC front, away from James Gunn’s Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters plans, there was a footage screening ahead of the Aquaman 2 release date. It showed a glimpse of mysterious and powerful weapon the Black Trident, as well as Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as the villain Black Manta. There was also some Blue Beetle footage, though that yielded very little we didn’t see in the recent Blue Beetle trailer.

The big Warner Bros. event of this summer, though, might just be the Barbie movie release date, with stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling both pitching up at CinemaCon to introduce some new footage. It showed Barbie being transported from her “life in plastic” to the real world, Enchanted-style. We can’t wait.

There was also a big reveal of the first footage from Wonka, ahead of the Wonka release date. It’s exciting enough that it has Paddington director Paul King at the helm, but we now know that Timothée Chalamet will be singing and dancing as his budding candy impresario faces off against a “chocolate cartel”. And then there’s the small matter of Hugh Grant popping up as an orange-faced Oompa Loompa. This one just gets even more bizarre.

Wonka release date: Timothee Chalamet as the titular chocalatier

Chalamet was also the focus as those lucky folk with a CinemaCon pass got the chance to see a first glimpse of Denis Villeneuve’s latest ahead of the Dune 2 release date. The previous movie certainly stands among the best science fiction movies in recent years, and the footage provided first looks at Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan and Austin Butler as sword master Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen. It also showed Chalamet riding a sandworm, apparently. Wow.

Fans of the best shark movies, meanwhile, had plenty to chew on, as they got to see a trailer looking towards The Meg 2 release date. Given that movie – directed by British indie darling Ben Wheatley, no less – is due out of the fish tank this summer, we’d expect that the trailer, or one much like it, will be released publicly in the very near future.

Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring 2

On the scary side of the Warner Bros. slate, the CinemaCon audience were appropriately spooked by a trailer for the latest spin-off of The Conjuring movies, with The Nun 2 release date set for September. Taissa Farmiga is back as Sister Irene, with Storm Reid joining her in the fight against the demonic nun Valak.

We also now know that The Conjuring 4 will be subtitled ‘Last Rites’, which suggests it might end the story of the Warrens ahead of The Conjuring TV series release date somewhere down the line.

Elsewhere, WB revealed that Beetlejuice 2 is in active development, and Oprah Winfrey popped by to chat about the movie version of the stage musical adaptation of the book The Color Purple, which previously became one of the best Steven Spielberg movies. Did you keep up with all of that? Apparently there’s “magical realism” afoot, which certainly sounds good to us.

James Cameron doesn't want to meet Avatar superfans

Disney at CinemaCon 2023

Given we just got everything announced at Star Wars Celebration and there’s another D23 Expo coming in September, it was a relatively light panel from Disney at CinemaCon on April 26.

With the Avatar 3 release date coming in 2024, all eyes were on Pandora, but no news was released on the movie. Boooo! Elsewhere, another clip was shown from Indiana Jones 5, and new Disney animated movies (Elemental and Wish) also got given the spotlight with a clip from the former and a cast announcement on the latter with the reveal that Chris Pine will play King Magnifico.

There were more exclusive clips shared too, and with the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 release date on the horizon it was the recipient of an exclusive extended clip of Star-Lord and Gamora sharing a heartfelt conversation. The Little Mermaid got the same treatment and more was seen of Urusla, while a scene from the new murder-mystery thriller A Haunting in Venice was also shown. A full trailer for the same movie was released publicly too.

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Disney’s two further announcements focussed on upcoming sports movie Next Goal Wins from Taika Waititi and sci-fi movie The Creator from Rogue One’s Gareth Edwards. Waititi’s charming comedy movie was also given the trailer treatment (showing off its irreverent humour), and an exclusive clip from The Creator was shown for attendees.

Super Mario Movie post-credits scene

Universal at CinemaCon 2023

Universal’s biggest contribution to CinemaCon 2023 came from Oppenheimer and Fast and Furious. Oppenheimer got its first non-trailer clip shown, which received rave reviews and reportedly rapturous applause. With the Oppenheimer release date around the corner, hype is certainly building.

Vin Diesel also took to the stage to celebrate the legacy of Fast and the Furious and Paul Walker, before making the big announcement that Fast and Furious 11 (the finale the movie series, apparently) would be hitting screens in 2025. We’ve just got to get past the Fast and Furious 10 release date and then we’re onto the next.

Transformers 7

Paramount at CinemaCon 2023

Paramount kicked the day off with a new trailer for Rise of the Beasts ahead of the Transformers 7 release date. It’s main presentation focussed on what could be the new best Tom Cruise movie, with the Mission Impossible 7 release date being moved forward by two days from July 14 2023 to July 12 2023. Attendees were also shown a 20 minute clip from the action movie, reportedly an extended car chases sequence.

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The other major news was that a new Transformers movie with an absolutely all-star cast will be coming down the line (an animated movie named Transformers One), and that the horror movie Smile will be getting a sequel.

Elsewhere, we got more updates on existing movies including:

  • A release date for the new The Last Airbender movie
  • More images from Killers of the Flower Moon
  • A new clip was shown from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem
  • A first-look at John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place prequel

John Wick 4 ending explained: John looks into the middle distance

Lionsgate at CinemaCon 2023

Lionsgate’s presentation on April 27 was kickstarted by the first trailer for the Hunger Games prequel The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Continuing on from that will be a screening of the upcoming comedy movie Joy Ride. However, we’ll have our beady eyes open to see if there’s anything on the expanding universe of the John Wick movies, and for major updates on Saw 10.

Away from the glamour of CinemaCon, we’ve got all of the info you need about the biggest movies coming this year. So find out everything you need to know about the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 release date, the Oppenheimer release date, the Indiana Jones 5 release date, and the Insidious 5 release date.