The Conjuring 4 release date speculation, plot, cast and more news

It is time to get ready for some demon hunting! Here is everything we know about The Conjuring 4 release date, cast, plot and more news.

The Conjuring 4 release date: Lorraine Warren standing in front of a painting of The Nun

What is The Conjuring 4 release date? When it comes to modern horror movie franchises, few are as successful or well-known as The Conjuring movies. Created by James Wan, the films have dived into demons, ghosts, and paranormal investigators fighting for their lives – all loosely based on ‘real-life’ spooky accounts.

So far, there have been three main Conjuring movies and five spin-off ghost movies – including titles such as The Nun and Annabelle – all of which have just added to the IPs popularity and box-office success. The last film in the franchise, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, grossed over $206 million and left people already dying for more of the horror series. Let’s be honest; everyone is anxious to see what demon and unsuspecting family will collide next.

Well, we have heard your ghoulish cries, and like Lorraine and Ed Warren, The Digital Fix has done its research and is ready to investigate all the details about the upcoming instalment in The Conjuring-verse. From The Conjuring 4 release date, plot, cast and more – here is everything you need to know about the hit franchise’s next outing.

The Conjuring 4 release date speculation

As of May 2023, we don’t know the Conjuring 4 release date but don’t worry, a fourth film is definitely on the way. 

Although we have no firm confirmations when it comes to production dates at the moment, we can still guess when the film is most likely to come out. Since The Conjuring-verse is pretty busy at the moment – with The Nun 2 set to release in theatres on September 8, 2023 – we are betting there will be a gap before The Conjuring 4 heads to the big screen.

With this in mind, a 2024 release date seems the most likely. However, take this prediction with a grain of salt as the last movie, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, had a two-year gap after the release of Annabelle Comes Home in 2019. We will keep you updated as soon as we learn more.

The Conjuring 4 release date: Ed and Lorraine Warren

The Conjuring 4 plot speculation

Each Conjuring movie is loosely based on a real-life case explored by the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. So, although there isn’t a firm plot synopsis for The Conjuring 4 just yet, we do have a pretty clear view of what could be heading to the big screen after looking at the Warren’s timeline and real-life careers.

The last movie in the franchise, The Devil Made Me Do It, concluded in 1981 after the trial of Arne Johnson. So it makes sense that the couple’s next adventure will be one of the cases that were taken on after that year (we all love a chronological timeline, don’t we?). And if that is the case, oh boy, we are in for a ghoulish treat, horror folks!

The most likely notable investigation after 1981 that the upcoming movie could be based on is the Snedeker house of 1986– a funeral home infested with demons that resulted in a family being haunted. Or another investigation from the Warrens could be the Smurl haunting, where Jack and Janet Smurl alleged that a demon was living in their home until 1989.

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So, it looks like after the last film took us to court, we will be going back to The Conjuring movie’s roots with a haunted house ghost movie once again. But we are also betting that some more lore-based and embellished details get added to the mix.

The last film introduced us to The Occultist, who, despite not surviving the film, did remind us of a certain cult in The Conjuring-verse – as she was a member of The Disciples Of Ram. The Disciples of Ram, before The Conjuring 3, were only mentioned briefly in the franchise– their general goal is that they aim to summon more demons into the world.

It is highly likely that now after The Conjuring 3 made a point of reminding us that they exist, this mysterious group will pop up again in the next film in some aspect. And who knows, with the demon Valak and now The Occultist seemingly banished and residing in hell, they could just become the next big villains of the franchise too.

The Conjuring 4 release date: Lorraine Warren looking at a music box

The Conjuring 4 cast speculation

Currently, there haven’t been any firm casting announcements yet for The Conjuring 4. But, let’s be honest, you can’t have a Conjuring movie without our main ghost-hunting couple – the Warrens. With that in mind, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will most likely be back as Ed and Lorraine Warren, ready to uncover another supernatural mystery.

We may also see Sterling Jerins return as Judy Warren, Ed and Lorraine’s daughter. Jerins, despite being re-cast for the 2019 film Annabelle Comes Home, appeared as the character once again in the 2021 thriller movie The Conjuring 3. So, fingers crossed she makes a comeback in The Conjuring 4 too.

Here is the expected The Conjuring 4 cast:

  • Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren
  • Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren
  • Sterling Jerins as Judy Warren

And finally, we have to talk about the fact that the Warrens won’t be alone in the upcoming film. There will be a slew of new characters as the duo take on a new case. In the past, we have seen the likes of Joey King, Joseph Bishara, and Steve Coulter join The Conjuring family, so our expectations for new talent are high.

Expect to see this guide updated soon as more names get announced! We’ve also written an article detailing everything you need to know about The Conjuring TV series release date as well if you need to know more about this evolving franchise.

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