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Dune 2 release date, cast, plot, trailer and more news

As Paul and Jessica get taken in by the Fremen, the Dune 2 release date will tell the second half of Frank Herbert's epic sci-fi tale.

Timothee Chalamet as Paul in Dune 2

When is the Dune 2 release date? Denis Villeneuve’s Dune only told half of the story, ending as Paul and Jessica escape the Harkonnen attack and find sanctuary with the native Fremem. Now, we’re waiting for a sequel to finish Frank Herbert’s expansive tale.

So, Dune 2 will bring Arrakis back to the big screen in grand style and every day we get more excited for the follow-up to one of the best science-fiction movies of the 21st century (we’re already dusting off our stillsuits and re-memorizing the litany against fear). Thankfully, you can consider us the Bene Gesserit of the best movies, because we’ve got all the latest news on Dune 2 below.

What’s the Dune 2 release date?

Dune 2 is releasing in theaters on Friday, March 1, 2024.


Austin Butler in Dune 2

This is the movie’s latest release date, after a long line of changes. Dune 2 was originally due to arrive in October 2023, before being pushed back to November 2023. Then, the film was delayed to March 15, 2024 due to the Hollywood strikes. To say we were disappointed is an understatement, but writers and actors securing fair deals should always take precedence over exciting new movies.

The reason for that big delay was that, with the cast’s star power, Warner Bros. surely wanted to ensure that the actors would be able to promote the movie. Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, and Florence Pugh’s press could seriously boost box office returns given their popularity.

After Dune came out in 2021, production on Dune 2 started in July 2022, and Villeneuve announced that filming would take place across Budapest, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, and Italy, wrapping in December 2022. That tight schedule left plenty of time for the huge amounts of post-production VFX work that the film needed.

Dune 2 release date: Timothée Chalamet as Paul and Zendaya as Chani

Who’s in the Dune 2 cast?

Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya lead the cast of Dune 2, alongside a host of familiar and new faces.

This includes the likes of Rebecca Ferguson, Stellan Skarsgård, and Dave Bautista, each a major character who survived the events of Part One. Austin Butler, star of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, has joined the cast of Dune 2 as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, while Florence Pugh has jumped on board as Princess Irulan Corrino.

And, in huge news, legendary actor Christopher Walken will also make an appearance as Emperor Shaddam IV.

The confirmed Dune 2 cast list:

  • Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides
  • Zendaya as Chani
  • Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica
  • Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck
  • Austin Butler as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen
  • Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan
  • Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban
  • Christopher Walken as Emperor Shaddam IV
  • Stephen McKinley Henderson as Thufir Hawat
  • Léa Seydoux as Lady Margot
  • Stellan Skarsgård as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
  • Charlotte Rampling as Gaius Helen Mohiam
  • Javier Bardem as Stilgar
  • Souheila Yacoub as Shishakli
  • Tim Blake Nelson as TBC

Dune 2 release date: Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan

What will Dune 2 be about?

Dune 2 will cover the rise of Paul Atreides as the messiah of the Fremen, and his counterattack on House Harkonnen as he seeks to reclaim Arrakis.

At the end of Part One, we see Paul start to embrace the idea of having a greater purpose and the eminent power that dwells in him as the son of Bene Gesserit and the heir to House Atreides. Within this, Chani and the Fremen will play a larger role in the narrative as Paul is accepted as the leader of the oppressed, brutalized natives of Arrakis.

We’ll also meet the mysterious Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV (and his daughter Princess Irulan) who orchestrated everything we see in Part One. Expect to see Dave Bautista’s Glossu Rabban, a bullish enforcer for House Harkonnen, get a little more to do as well.

If you’re desperate for more spoilers, you can pick up Herbert’s novel and see how it unfolds for yourself.

Dune 2 release date: Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban

Is there a Dune 2 trailer?

The first trailer for Dune 2 arrived in early May, while the latest trailer dropped on December 12, 2023.

We get to see Paul riding a sandworm, as well as close looks at Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan, Christopher Walken as Emperor Shaddam IV, and Austin Butler as Feyd-Rautha. Beyond that, the trailers also confirm that some sequences in Dune 2 are in black and white, and these look to be flashbacks. Exciting!

However, conspicuous by her absence is Paul’s sister Alia. In the books, she is born not long after Paul and Jessica join the Fremen, and she has some truly awesome powers. No sign of her, yet, and we’re starting to doubt that she’ll even be in the movie, with her character being in contrast with Villeneuve’s search for realism within Herbert’s fantasy novel.

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Where will I be able to watch Dune 2?

Dune 2 will be released theatrically on Friday, March 1, 2024, before eventually making its way to the streaming service Max (formerly HBO Max) several months later. 

This will likely be in late 2024, and you can see our guide on everything new on Max this month to keep up with that. Before that will be the exclusive cinema run then likely a digital PVOD release where you will be able to buy or rent the film.

That’s all we know about Dune 2 so far, but we will keep our ears close to the sand and update you whenever anything changes.

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