Saw 10 release date, cast, plot, and more

The murders and mutilations are set to continue as we look ahead to the Saw 10 release date and the next instalment in the horror movie franchise.

Saw 10 release date: Billy the puppet from Saw

What is the Saw 10 release date? Almost 20 years ago, audiences were tortured with the release of the horror movie Saw, and that creepy little puppet has been in our nightmares ever since.

The expansive series of gruesome horror movies has put plenty of unwitting victims through various deadly games to decide whether they should live or die for their supposed sins, all at the behest of Jigsaw himself (Tobin Bell). We’ve had nine entries in the Saw franchise since the original 2000s movie, and there’s a tenth on the way.

If you’re into the blood and chaos that comes with a Saw movie, you’re probably excited for the Saw 10 release date – but when exactly is the new movie coming? You needn’t sacrifice a body part to get the answers, we’ve got all the clues for you right here.

Saw 10 release date

The Saw 10 release date is October 27, 2023. This sets it up perfectly for your Halloween plans for next year if mutilations and mystery are your thing.

As it stands, Saw 10 will be a theatrical release, which means you can see all the blood and guts on a big screen – yay! The slasher movie will be directed by Kevin Greutert, who helmed Saw 6 and Saw 7, so at least we know it’s going to be in safe hands.

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Saw 10 cast speculation

The big Saw 10 cast reveal is that Tobin Bell is set to reprise his role as John Kramer AKA Jigsaw. Along with Bell, Shawnee Smith has been cast as Amanda Young.

It’s unlikely we will see Chris Rock and MCU star Samuel L Jackson return after their outing in the Spiral spin-off movie from 2021. There is a chance however, that Cary Elwes’ Dr. Lawrence Gordon could be caught in a trap again.

Besides Smith and Bell, there have been no other character confirmations, watch this space. We’re sure we’ll learn more about the next roster of potential victims and movie villains soon enough.

Saw 10 release date: Billy the puppet from Saw

Saw 10 plot speculation

There are no official plot details about Saw 10 being released just yet, with the studio and filmmakers keen to keep things as a surprise for the big release.

Apparently, though, Bloody Disgusting was told fans can expect Saw 10 to “capture their hearts – and other body parts – with all-new twisted, ingenious traps and a new mystery to solve.”

According to Twitter user ViewerAnon, who is a known industry insider, the new movie “looks to be a prequel focusing on Tobin Bell”, and while the writers of Jigsaw and Spiral are believed to be involved, there will be “no story connection to those movies.”

Saw 10 release date: Tobin Bell in Saw 8

That’s all we know about the Saw 10 release date for now. While we wait for more clues, why not check out our guide to another gruesome franchise with a breakdown of the Insidious 5 release date? Or, for more murder mysteries, check out our list of the best monster movies.