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One of the strongest Spider-Man villains is in the Kraven movie

A new exclusive teaser for the Kraven the Hunter movie unveiled at CinemaCon revealed that a familiar Spider-Man villain would be joining Kraven.

We finally got more information about the upcoming Kraven movie at CinemaCon — with the most crucial takeaway being that another infamous Spider-Man villain will be joining Kraven in the film. Exclusive footage of the new movie was screened at CinemaCon as part of Sony Pictures’ presentation at the event. In this footage, it was revealed who would be the main movie villain facing off against Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven.

Despite what you may think, given Kraven the Hunter and Spider-Man are mortal enemies in the comics, the web-slinger won’t be the main antagonist of this film.

Instead, based on the footage shown, it seems clear that the Big Bad of this 2023 movie will be none other than Rhino. As described by ScreenRant, a glimpse of Rhino can be seen in the footage, with a man’s arm being transformed into the villain. From this, it’s clear that Sony is going for a more comic-book-accurate portrayal of Rhino this time round.

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Sony previously introduced the character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In the Andrew Garfield movie, the villain, who Paul Giamatti played, was a stark departure from its comic book counterpart, with the character appearing to operate a mechanical, rhino-like suit.

In terms of what to expect from Rhino, all will be revealed once the Kraven the Hunter release date is finally upon us — but while you wait, check out our guide listing everything announced at CinemaCon 2023, and our personal round-up of the best movies of all time.