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The 45 best science fiction movies of all time

Whether you like your cinema green and bug-eyed or enjoy a trip through the space time continuum, we've got a list of the best science-fiction movies for you.

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars The Last Jedi and 2001: A Space Odyssey

What are the best science fiction movies ever made? Science fiction, the genre that boldly goes where no genre has gone before. OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but mangled Star Trek captain quotes aside, there is something a little special about the world of sci-fi series.

Firstly, sci-fi enjoys near-universal popularity; even if people tell you they don’t like science fiction, it’s such a broad genre. Trying to say you don’t like it is like saying you don’t like clothes. You might not like every single Star Wars series or enjoy sitting down with the Marvel movies in order, but there’s a pair of pants out there somewhere that’ll fit.

All this can make picking out the best movies in the genre trickier than the Kobayashi Maru, but that’s where we come in. We’ve scoured galaxies far, far away, from around the moons of Nibia and Perdition’s Flames, as well as ruined space hulks, to bring you a list of the best science fiction movies around.

Best science fiction movies; Akira

45. Akira (1988)

One of the best anime movies of all time and a terrifying glimpse into a corrupt cyberpunk future (There are never utopian cyberpunk futures, are there?) Akira tells the story of Shōtarō Kaneda and his friend Tetsuo Shima who threatens Neo-Tokyo after developing incredible psychokinetic abilities.

Were Akira a live-action movie, I genuinely believe it would be mentioned in the same breath as Blade Runner but its medium means it’s unfortunately often forgotten. Still, don’t sleep on this incredibly violent but amazingly entertaining glimpse into a future none of us wants to inhabit.

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44. Never Let Me Go

This dystopian tale focuses on three youngsters who discover they are created as “all but human” clones who exist only to donate their organs and extend the lifespans of others.

It’s less flashy than some of the other sci-fi movies on this list, but it encourages viewers to think deeply about philosophical issues like mortality and existentialism — and remains one of Andrew Garfield’s best performances. From the warm colours to the subtle twangs of romance, it deserves a whirl.

The best science fiction movies of all time: Daniel Kaluuya in Nope

43. Nope (2022)

This latest Jordan Peele movie takes a slight shift from the all-out horror we have seen in his previous efforts, to go all in on sci-fi and alien thrills. Our Nope review has high praise for the captivating story which tackles themes of greed, fame, and the idea of the spectacle, but it’s in the technical elements that this flick really succeeds. Impeccable sound design and cinematography combine to bring the monstrous Jean Jacket to life, and it’s both beautiful and horrifying.

Not to mention its scares, which are deftly executed and fill the air with tension. There are scenes in Nope we’ll never forget, as much as we might want to.

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42. eXistenZ (1999)

David Cronenberg, noted master of the ick, jumps into virtual reality through an utterly nauseating techno-thriller The premise itself, about a group of people who become gradually lost to an all-encompassing augmented-reality game, was more novel in the ’90s than now.

However, it’s the squelchy sound design and gradual transience of our mortal coils that keeps eXistenZ relevant. Cronenberg pushes the envelope through the disquieting notion our flesh might become outdated. Jude Law and Ian Holm are among one of his finest casts, as well.

Best science fiction movies: Them!

41. Them! (1954)

When it comes to the sci-fi genre, one of the best brands of films is those that tackle the fear and fascination of nuclear war and weapons. And few flicks convey these themes as well as the classic film, Them! In the same year as the atomic hit monster movie Godzilla hit the big screen, American audiences cowered in fear as giant ants swarmed their local cineplexes.

Them! is a cautionary tale about nuclear bombs and is a movie that demonstrates the consequences of man altering nature. The film’s premise is simple – early atomic tests in New Mexico caused mass radiation to mutate common carpenter ants into man-eating monsters who lay waste to civilization. While Them! Doesn’t deal with any spaceships or intergalactic travel; the film is a horrifying depiction of the ‘price of progress’.

Best science-fiction movies: Xenomorph in Aliens

40. Aliens (1986)

James Cameron’s innovative and exciting follow-up to Alien is an action epic everyone should see at least once. From Ripley’s adrenaline-pumping heroics to the commentary on seedy capitalism, Cameron’s sequel made the impossible possible — a wildly different movie from the original beloved story, but equally great in its own right.

It has Cameron’s signature four-quadrant sensibilities, with something for everyone in the meat of the story. But it’s the production design, well-crafted character arcs, and unique slant on the franchise’s world that really make it sing. Read more about that in our Aliens review write-up from Alien Day 2023.

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39. The Last Jedi (2017)

I know we already have the original trilogy on this list, but The Last Jedi deserves its own independent entry because it’s a stark departure from the type of Star Wars we’re used to. Rian Johnson‘s film was, in my opinion, a highlight of the sequel trilogy and genuinely one of the best sci-fi movies of all time because it was bold.

It took risks with its storytelling, thrived in its subversion, and, despite the extensive criticism, did a great job of showing how a young, idealistic hero like Luke Skywalker can become jaded, flawed, and grizzled with age. Check out Anthony McGlynn’s feature on why The Last Jedi is still the best Star Wars movie for more.

The best science fiction movies of all time: Hogarth and the Iron Giant

38. The Iron Giant (1999)

Animated movies are often overlooked when considering the best science fiction movies of all time, but this ‘90s movie is a bonafide classic of the genre. A Superman allegory that cuts to the core of what it means to be human better than most superhero movies, The Iron Giant is as thought-provoking as it is heartwarming, and has much to say about the connection between man and machine.

Yes, it made us all bawl as children, but we can’t discriminate against it on that touchy basis!

The best science fiction movies of all time: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone in Total Recall

37. Total Recall (1990)

While the Terminator series may have given us the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, Total Recall is right up there as one of his most fun flicks. The Paul Verhoeven picture combines fantastic set design, dystopian drama, and a healthy dose of ’90s cheese to deliver an enthralling vision of the future.

Verhoeven’s signature fingerprints are all over it, and the film overall has an edge to it that other Arnie films perhaps don’t.

Tom Cruise in Minority Report, one of the besct science fiction movies ever made

36. Minority Report (2002)

Set in a dystopian future where criminals are apprehended before they commit their crimes, Minority Report is Steven Spielberg’s gripping take on the neo-noir genre.

While the film’s full of intense action set pieces, and an awful lot of Tom Cruise running full at full pelt, Minority Report’s greatest strength is Spielberg’s superb direction, which manages to make lofty deterministic philosophy entertaining. Between this and War of the Worlds, because this director/actor duo is one we should be clawing back from the grave.

Best science fiction movies: Soylent Green

35. Soylent Green (1973)

There are some truly bleak visions of our future captured on celluloid, and Robert Fleischer’s Soylent Green is one of the darkest. In the 2020s, poverty and homelessness are rampant, and major cities like New York City host some of the biggest divides between the upper and lower classes.

While looking into the suspicious death of an aristocrat, New York detective Robert Thorn stumbles on a rather alarming conspiracy concerning how the impoverished are being handled. Charlton Heston brings an impassioned incredulity to Robert, whose path continually uncovers more gruesome details.

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34. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

Probably one of the most famous cinematic aliens in existence, Steven Spielberg’s ‘80s movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial has become a pop cultural staple over the years. Telling the story of a young boy trying to assist an alien in its mission to ‘phone home’ and reunite with its family, this family movie will make you cry, laugh, and stick in your mind for years to come.

If you still aren’t convinced about the flick, E.T. also received nine nominations at the 55th Academy Awards, and much like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings movies, every film fan has taken a crack at mimicking the iconic alien’s voice. So really, what are you waiting for? It is time to join the sci-fi Spielberg train.

The best science fiction movies of all time: Joaquin Phoenix in Her

33. Her (2013)

Spike Jonze’s tender and heartbreaking romance movie may be far closer to science fact than science fiction, but Her is nevertheless a wonderful composition of mankind’s relationship with technology. Joaquin Phoenix stars as Theodore, a lonely writer from the near future who falls in love with the artificial intelligence (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) who is programmed to meet his every need.

Its cinematography will melt your mind, and its soft, ironically human, touch left us in a lovely daze. The warm tingle of sunlight on skin in movie form.

The Brundlefly from The Fly

32. The Fly (1986)

Seth Brundle’s (Jeff Goldblum) slow and agonizing transformation from a good-natured and eccentric scientist into a fly-human hybrid, as his own flesh betrays him, makes for one of the most heart-breaking science fiction movies of all time. Despite the squick, The Fly remains one of the more accessible Cronenberg pictures that’s both a gory examination of disease and what it means to be human.

A little odd, sure, but all the best Cronenbergs are. In fact, all the Cronenebergs are, period.

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31. The Truman Show (1998)

With an endlessly watchable performance from Jim Carrey helping to power it along, The Truman Show takes a distinctly Philip K. Dick premise and twists it into biting social satire, which remains as relevant as ever. It might not be space-faring science fiction, but it’s science fiction nonetheless.

Playing with ideas of perception, reality, and exploitation, it’s twisty and explorative without falling into any overly heady traps some other high-concept sci-fi films do.

The best science fiction movies of all time: Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster in Frankenstein

30. Frankenstein (1931)

Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein is one of the most revered and most well-known stories of all time, and rightly so. Adapting such a classic story is no mean feat, but James Whale did a spectacular job in bringing this monster movie to life. This picture combines horror and philosophy beautifully to challenge our understanding of what it means to be human.

This horror practically invented the word classic, and no other adaptations of the source material have come close to beating it.

Best science fiction movies: Back to the Future

29. Back to the Future (1985)

Arguably the best time travel movie (or certainly the most celebrated) ever made, Back to the Future balances a great sci-fi concept with real heart and humor. While we love the inventive script and iconic production design (everyone loves the Delorean), the real stars of the show are the cast, most notably Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, who have electric comedic chemistry.

This is a movie you’ll hear brought up by film buffs constantly, but it’s earned its keep, if you ask us.

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28. WALL-E (2008)

WALL-E’s opening sequence, the greatest first act of any Disney or Pixar movie, is the ultimate science fiction. With inflections of dystopian disaster, WALL-E sets the stage for an Earth where the global ecosystem has collapsed, and small robots roam the landscape clearing all the waste.

It then ascends up into space, where humans become the supporting cast. This only acts as a backdrop, though, to an avalanche of emotions. The growing romance between WALL-E and EVE is magic, especially when soundtracked by Put on Your Sunday Clothes.

Best science fiction movies: District 9

27. District 9 (2007)

While science fiction movies tend to focus on future depictions in faraway galaxies, sometimes alternate-timeline dystopian stories with real historical roots hit closer to home. District 9 is a South African movie directed by Neill Blomkamp that showcases themes of segregation, systemic oppression, and the events of the Apartheid era through the lens of aliens stranded on Earth.

Filmed as a found footage thriller, the movie is set in an alternate 1982, where instead of the racial oppression and segregation enforced during the Apartheid, we see the government use the same cruel methods of discrimination against millions of refugee aliens named Prawns. The movie is emotional, doesn’t shy away from its hard themes, and shows us how vital compassion is at the end of the day.

From its writing to the candid depiction of Johannesburg and townships, District 9 is a movie that you can’t miss.

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26. Stalker (1979)

There’s nothing easy about Andrei Tarkovsky’s quest through a barren landscape known as the Zone. The drawn-out, existential poem is led by an unnamed Stalker (Alexander Kaidanovsky), who brings two others towards the ‘Room’, a site believed to have supernatural qualities.

Strange artifacts litter the Zone, begging our curiosity. But Tarkovsky’s picture leaves us to ponder that history while focusing on deeper ideas of humanity and theology. Plenty to think about during and after.

Best science fiction movies: They Live

25. They Live (1988)

When it comes to genre flicks, John Carpenter movies stand above the rest of the pack – particularly his earlier work. Based on the 1963 short story ‘Eight O’Clock in the Morning’ by Ray Nelson, They Live is a film that follows the unemployed Nada who comes to LA in search of work.

However, after picking up a set of sunglasses that shows him who’s an alien and who isn’t, Nada’s life becomes side-tracked with mass conspiracies regarding the rich and powerful of America.

This science fiction movie goes beyond your typical ‘aliens walk among us’ kind of story. The flick is packed with overt social commentary on mass media and the commercialization of politics and pop culture. The themes are powerful and eerily still ring true today.

Best science fiction movies: Guardians of the Galaxy

24. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Oh no, someone got some Marvel Cinematic Universe in our list of the best science fiction movies. Well, don’t worry. This is just two great flavors coming together to create something pretty awesome, and Marvel movies don’t come much more awesome than Guardians of the Galaxy.

Colorful in every sense of the word and hilariously irreverent, Guardians Of The Galaxy was a breath of fresh air when it was released back in 2014, revitalizing Marvel’s doddering Phase 2 and setting the tone for the MCU movies to come.

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23. Avatar (2012)

Avatar is one of highest grossing movies of all time — and for a good reason. Just like Jake Sully, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the N’avi and Pandora before you know it. Using innovative motion-capture technology and VFX, James Cameron crafted a world that wasn’t just visually stunning, but rich with history, culture, and character. It also acts as a stark critique of colonization and climate change, with its message only getting more and more relevant as time passes.

Its groundbreaking visuals and surprisingly potent story made it a roaring success, and Avatar 2 proved that it wasn’t just an anomaly.

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22. Event Horizon (1997)

A haunted house in space is a spectacularly under-utilized premise. A rescue mission, Lauren Fishbourne, Sam Neill, and Jason Isaacs among its crew, arrives at the titular spacecraft to investigate why it vanished for seven years.

On board is an experimental new form of engine that caused something to happen. That something still lingers in the air, creating visions and other incidents that suggest the ship is better off deserted. Before he was all about the Resident Evil movies, Paul WS Anderson demonstrated that in space, sometimes you don’t want to hear the screams.
The best science fiction movies of all time: Jake Gyllenhaal and Jena Malone in Donnie Darko

21. Donnie Darko (2001)

We could probably put Donnie Darko on a whole number of different genre lists (and we probably will, to be honest). The 2000s movie blends horror, thrills, surrealism, romance, comedy, and good old-fashioned mystery into one crazy bundle. At the heart of it all, though, is the notion of time travel and that’s science fiction at its finest.

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20. A Scanner Darkly (2006)

Any movie adapted from a Philip K. Dick novel is going to be challenging, and A Scanner Darkly is no exception. Out of all the movies inspired by the legendary author, this is the one that sticks closest to the source material for better and worse.

But mostly better. With gorgeous roto-scope animation and a genuinely magnificent cast, A Scanner Darkly takes the drug-addled paranoia found in the pages of the novel, translating that feeling perfectly to the big screen. Keanu Reeves is perfect here, as a muted, struggling detective investigating himself, and this dark vision of the future clearly suits him.

Clive Owen leads science fiction movie Children of Men

19. Children of Men (2006)

In our relatively comfy real world, we’re edging ever closer to the year 2027, which is the setting for Alfonso Cuaron’s masterful dystopian sci-fi movie Children of Men. Here’s hoping we’re safe from it. One of the best movies based on books ever made, it’s set in a world in which humans have been infertile for decades and societal collapse is fully in force.

Clive Owen plays a cynical man who is tasked with helping to provide safe passage for a refugee woman who, remarkably, is pregnant. There are potent themes aplenty, shocking moments of violence and a handful of single-take action sequences which laid the table for the popularity of that trick in the last few decades.

The best science-fiction movies: Ryan gosling and Ana De Armas in Blade Runner 2049

 18. Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

If you’re looking to be moved by expressive visuals, music so wonderfully hazy it’s like taking a dip in the world’s most soothing sensory deprivation tank, and empathetic philosophical ponderings, this is the sequel for you.

Denis Villeneuve shows up on this list multiple times, as he should, because he’s a master of the sci-fi genre, tying its wide-eyed gaze with humanity’s most profound questions about meaning.

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17. Dune (2021)

We were told that adapting Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic Dune was an impossible task that had defeated some of the most talented filmmakers alive. Well, Denis Villeneuve didn’t listen to the naysayers and managed to make one of the most exciting, ambitious, and grandiose movies we’ve ever seen.

Best science fiction movies: Kirk and Spock in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

16. Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

Star Trek helped define science fiction for so many writers, filmmakers, and the general public that it was always going to earn a place on this list. The only question was which movie would we choose? Well, as far as this writer is concerned, it was a shortlist of one, The Wrath of Khan. As Spock would say, it’d be illogical to choose any other film in the series because this one’s the best.

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After the lackluster response to the cerebral and ponderous first movie, director Nicholas Meyer did his damndest to give the people what they wanted. A daring adventure in space that evoked the spirit of the original TV series. Featuring an exciting story, thrilling battle scenes, deft character work, and an incredible score, Wrath of Khan is the high watermark all Star Trek movies aspire to (and that all since have failed to reach).

Best science fiction movies: The Thing

15. The Thing (1982)

Man is the warmest place to hide. Few science fiction movies are as terrifying as The Thing, John Carpenter’s most technically impressive and atmospheric film.

Set in an Antarctic base that’s being attacked by a shape-shifting parasite from another world, The Thing is a truly horrifying flick that had the misfortune of opening on the same weekend as the far cuddlier ET.

A critical and commercial bomb, The Thing found a new audience when it hit home entertainment. With its tense atmosphere, incredible practical effects, and twisted visuals, this body horror movie rightly earned its place as a cult hit.

Best science fiction movies: Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2

14. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

While the worst sequels are shallow rehashes of the first film, Terminator 2 is an upgrade on its predecessor in almost every way. Judgment Day features some of the sci-fi genre’s most exciting action scenes – the chase in the aqueduct being a personal favorite, Arnie in the role that basically defined his career, and one of cinema’s most iconic bad guys, the T-1000 (Robert Patrick).

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Not only that, this Terminator movie helped to advance the use of computer-generated imagery in movies, which considering how integral that’s become to the genre, more than earns it a place on our list.

Best science fiction movies: T-Rex Jurassic Park

13. Jurassic Park (1993)

Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster about the de-extinction of dinosaurs is a pre-historic sensation featuring some of the most spectacular and awe-inspiring visuals ever seen on the big screen.

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Honestly, though the film’s technical achievements are just one part of its (dino) DNA, everything about this movie is superb, from its brilliant cast, gorgeous and frightening cinematography, and John William’s iconic score. It’s no wonder this film is recognized as one of the greatest blockbusters of all time.

Best science fiction movies: RoboCop

12. Robocop (1987)

Extremely violent and even more clever, RoboCop is a gory satire that skewers American corporate culture while also examining what it means to be human. The movie manages to pull off being both incredibly cynical and wildly funny simultaneously, with director Paul Verhoeven pushing the violence to farcical levels, rightly recognizing that the more excessive the gore, the funnier the film would be.

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All this blood and brutality serves a purpose, though. RoboCop is literally and figuratively about losing your humanity. Whether it be losing your arms and legs to cybernetic implants or your soul to faceless megacorps. RoboCop takes aim at corporations and doesn’t miss.

Best science fiction movies: Matthew McConaughey as Cooper in Interstellar

11. Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar is essentially Christopher Nolan’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. With trippy visual effects and a frightening portrayal of the grand scope of Space to boot, Interstellar stands out as not only one of the more memorable Christopher Nolan movies, but a solid installment in space-exploration storytelling.

The haunting score from Hans Zimmer also elevates the science of the film and presents an artistic twist on how time and space are conveyed on-screen. And as impressive and as grandiose as the visuals might be, the emotional core of Interstellar will still always be the driving force of this particular sci-fi.

The best science fiction movies: Inception

10. Inception (2010)

We can’t talk about sci-fi without including another Christopher Nolan movie on our list, and while Interstellar is a beautiful film, Inception was his first real step into the genre and marked a significant step up in terms of ambition, too.

With every new film, Christopher Nolan is competing with himself, and cinema is the real winner every time. Inception is a mind-bending exploration of the subconscious realm; it’s sci-fi at its most exciting and fresh, and it still stands as one of the most provocative pictures of the modern era.

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9. Ex Machina (2014)

A real thinker of a movie, Ex Machina is as sleek and streamlined as the robots at the center of its (clearly Philip K. Dick-inspired) plot. Telling the story of a programmer who’s invited to administer the Turing test to an intelligent android by his boss, it’s a compelling film that blends a psychological thriller movie with science fiction.

Ex Machina might not be the most bombastic of movies on this list. Still, the A24 movie‘s memorable and existentially terrifying ending ensures it stays with the audience long after they’ve left the theatre.

best science fiction movies: michelle yeoh in everything everywhere all at once

8. Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)

After its sweep at the Academy Awards, Everything Everywhere All At Once is the buzziest 2022 movie around — but it’s well-deserving of all its hype and definitely deserves its place on this list as an instant science fiction classic.

The multiverse isn’t exactly a new concept in sci-fi, but what makes Everything Everywhere so unique is its deeply entertaining twist on the genre, and the phenomenal, nuanced performances of leads like Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, and Ke Huy Quan. The film is an explosion of color, dizzying costume designs, sophisticated VFX, and pure absurdity with sausage fingers and Racacoonie.

But underpinning this sci-fi tale is a deeply affecting and profound exploration of existentialism, generational trauma, love, and the importance of kindness.

Best science fiction movies: Carrie Ann Moss and Keanu Reeves in The Matrix

7. The Matrix (1999)

A cyberpunk masterpiece, wrapped in black leather and wearing cool sunglasses. Drawing influence from anime and martial arts movies, The Matrix is an iconic piece of science-fiction that introduced Western audiences to “bullet time”.

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With fantastically choreographed fight scenes, deep themes about identity, and some unforgettable set pieces, The Matrix is an astonishing work of fiction. Although the less said about the sequels, the better…

Best science fiction movies: Harrison Ford in Blade Runner

6. Blade Runner (1982)

Ridley Scott’s first entry on the list, but not his last, Blade Runner is a neo-noir triumph that, despite a lukewarm initial reception, has been recognized as one of the greatest science-fiction films of all time, oh and we’re talking about the Final Cut, not the theatrical cut.

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A deliberate, well-paced meditation on what it means to be human, Blade Runner is a remarkable work of science fiction. It also features one of Harrison Ford’s definitive roles (alongside Indy and Han Solo), which definitely earns it some brownie points.

Best science fiction movies: Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey

5. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

A mind-bending reflection on human evolution, the dangers of AI, and existentialism, 2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the most influential science fiction movies ever made.

Directed by Stanley Kubrick, the film pushed the boundaries of what people thought the genre could achieve, eschewing a traditional narrative for something far more ambitious. Space Odyssey divided critics at the time of release, but it’s gone on to be recognized as one of the greatest films of all time and still provokes conversation to this day.

Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in Alien

4. Alien (1979)

Reductively but appropriately described as a slasher set in space, Alien is a bona fide masterpiece that introduced the world to one of the most enduring creatures in science fiction history: the Xenomorph. There’s something for everyone in Alien. It’s as thrilling as anything Hitchcock ever made, gorier than anything Lucio Fulci could come up with – OK, maybe not, but we’re poetic – all wrapped up in the baubles and tinsel of the most convincing “hard” science fiction films.

While we could wax lyrical about Jerry Goldsmith’s intense score, Ridley Scott’s immaculate direction, or Sigourney Weaver’s iconic performance, the film’s real secret weapon is cinematographer Derek Vanlint. It’s Vanlint’s haunting use of shadow and light that brings the Nostromo to life and makes the strange alien stalking the ship a believable threat and not just a basketball player in a rubber suit.

Best science fiction movies: Frtiz Lang's Metropolis

3. Metropolis (1927)

One of the first feature-length sci-fi movies, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is an eyesore. In the vast cities of the future, the rich live atop thousand-story buildings, while the common workers toil away down below. Alas, the divide is interrupted when the child of one of the masters witnesses poor working conditions first-hand, leading to an uprising.

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Part of the German expressionist movement in the 1920s, Metropolis is a glorious example of the kind of visual effects work and sheer filmmaking craft being developed at the time. Every scene and shot offers something to examine, and the famous Machine Man is the kind of humanoid nightmare David Cronenberg would be pleased with.

Best science fiction movies: Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill in Star Wars

2. Star Wars (Original Trilogy) (1977-1983)

We’ve only gone and done it again. First, we put the whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy on our best fantasy movie list, and now we’ve put the entire Star Wars trilogy on the science fiction list. What are we like? Well, we’re greedier than Star Wars villain Jabba the Hutt, and to be honest, while Empire’s probably our favorite of the Original Trilogy, there’s only a Wookie hair between each of them.

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There’s something to love about all these films; A New Hope captures the spirit of adventure better than any of them; Empire’s got the moody atmosphere and cracking twist; while Jedi‘s got the cathartic release of seeing Darth Vader redeemed and the Galactic Empire defeated. Each of them features amazing world-building, dazzling special effects, and likable characters. When it comes to science fiction, you rarely get better than Star Wars.

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1. Arrival

Arrival is the second Denis Villeneuve movie on this list, and the director has quickly established himself as the premiere sci-fi filmmaker. Arrival is a rare cinematic achievement that is both awe-inspiring in its visual and emotional scales.

The movie has a striking pre-disaster movie premise, but it’s in its examination of linguistics that it truly shines, and its emphasis that aliens have rarely felt more alien. This is science fiction at its very best: thoughtful, engaging, and hauntingly beautiful.

If you can’t get enough out-of-this-world action, check out our Star Wars movie ranking. We’ve also got an MCU movie ranking to whet your whistle if that’s not your thing. We also have a guide breaking down the best new movies 2023 has to offer.