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Is Sabine Wren Force-sensitive in Ahsoka?

Sabine Wren and her abilities with The Force, or lack thereof, were at the center of the new Star Wars series. But now Ahsoka is finished, let's take stock.

Sabine Wren Force-sensitive in Ahsoka

Is Sabine Wren Force-sensitive in Ahsoka? Sabine is a Mandalorian warrior, an explosives expert, and one of the best pilots in the galaxy. For most people, those would be enough skills. But not for Sabine Wren, who wants to learn Jedi skills from Ahsoka.

Of course, as with all Star Wars devotees – we’ve watched the Star Wars movies in order more times than we can count – we’re deeply familiar with the idea of being sensitive to The Force. It allows the best Star Wars characters, whether Jedi or Sith, to harness incredible power. Some characters, obviously, are more Force-sensitive than others, but that gets us into talking about midichlorians, and nobody wants to go there.

We saw in Ahsoka episode 3 that Ahsoka Tano is training Sabine Wren as a Jedi and her changing abilities were a huge focus of one of the best Disney Plus shows, but is Sabine Wren Force-sensitive? Perhaps more importantly, does the idea of Force-sensitivity even matter in the new Star Wars series? There are spoilers for Ahsoka ahead.

Is Sabine Wren Force-sensitive in Ahsoka?

Sabine Wren did not seem to be Force-sensitive at the beginning of Ahsoka but, by the end, she was able to recall her lightsaber using The Force. Either she had latent abilities that needed bringing out, or she’s a whole new breed of Force-wielder.

Of course, Sabine has attempted a form of Jedi training before. She acquired the Darksaber during the events of Star Wars Rebels and her Jedi pals Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger tried to show her the ropes. It didn’t go very well.

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During that period of time, Kanan and Hera Syndulla discussed whether the fact Sabine didn’t seem to be Force-sensitive made a difference, to which Kanan replied that you simply have to be open to the Force.

In Ahsoka episode 3, the title character made a similar point, noting that while talent is important in Jedi skills, “the Force resides in all living things” and it’s far more important to have discipline and train hard. Ahsoka episode 7 added a fascinating new dimension to this story. Ahsoka was able to find Sabine using The Force, reaching out to her and utilizing their strong bond.

We got even more of Sabine’s Force skills during Ahsoka episode 8, with the new Bokken Jedi using the Force to recall her lightsaber and giving Ezra a push to make it on to Thrawn’s ship. By finding Ezra again, she seems to have accessed something within herself, and that something involves wielding The Force.

Sabine Wren has shown some Force-sensitivity in Ahsoka

In the final moments of the Ahsoka ending, Sabine was able to see something in the sky, which was almost certainly the looming Force ghost of Anakin Skywalker. Whether she was born Force-sensitive or not, she has found a way to access those powers.

This is a fascinating direction for Star Wars to take, making it clear that being Force-sensitive isn’t the be-all and end-all. We can’t wait to see where one of the best TV series on Disney Plus right now takes Sabine Wren when Ahsoka season 2 hopefully comes around.

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