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How can Ahsoka find Sabine using The Force?

The Force powers, or lack thereof, of Sabine Wren have been a clear plot point throughout Ahsoka, and the latest episode of the Star Wars series deepened this.

Ahsoka reached out to Sabine Wren using The Force

How can Ahsoka find Sabine using The Force? We’ve loved seeing Dave Filoni explore the very nature of The Force through the Ahsoka series, building on some of the work carried out by Rian Johnson in the divisive The Last Jedi, as well as his own stories in the animated series Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars The Clone Wars.

This Star Wars exploration has orbited around one of the best Star Wars characters in the series, Sabine Wren. The question of ‘is Sabine Wren Force-sensitive?‘ has been a big one throughout this Star Wars series and we got an intriguing added wrinkle to that story in the latest installment of the Ahsoka cast‘s adventures on Disney Plus.

In Ahsoka episode 7, we saw Ahsoka find Sabine using The Force, which raises fascinating questions about how much Jedi ability Sabine has and what this might mean for her future as the Ahsoka release schedule reaches next week’s finale.

How can Ahsoka find Sabine using The Force?

Ahsoka is able to find Sabine using The Force due to the strength of their bond, and it also suggests that Sabine might be stronger in The Force than we previously thought.

In this week’s episode, Huyang couldn’t find Sabine by using his software to scan Peridea. But Ahsoka Tano told one of the best Star Wars droids not to carry out another scan because “there’s another way” to find her. Huyang immediately questioned this, saying: “Do you think your bond is that strong?”

Ahsoka then quietly reached out through The Force and we saw Sabine react to the unconventional communication. It was clear that Sabine herself was surprised by the feeling, suggesting that this isn’t a pathway the duo have used before.

Sabine has struggled with any Force-based abilities so far during the show, and that perhaps explains her surprise at feeling the presence of her master. However, the fact this technique worked shows that master and apprentice have a powerful bond, which might be able to awaken any latent Force-sensitivity in Sabine. There’s hope for her training yet!

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