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Ahsoka is an underrated Quentin Tarantino movie reunion

Ahsoka might be seen as a Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels reunion, but the live-action stars of the sci-fi series are doing some reuniting of their own.

ahsoka and hera hologram in ahsoka

You wouldn’t expect Ahsoka and Quentin Tarantino to have much in common, but the new Star Wars series and legendary director have more in common than you might think. One of the most highly-anticipated moments in the sci-fi series was when Ahsoka Tano finally reunited with Hera Syndulla, a long-time friend and ally who worked together to bring down Grand Admiral Thrawn in the animated series Star Wars Rebels.

With rumors abounding that Thrawn is still alive, Ahsoka and Hera must work together again to find the Grand Admiral before Morgan Elsbeth and her allies do. But there’s another fun meta-layer to this on-screen reunion.

This is because Rosario Dawson and Mary Elizabeth WinsteadAhsoka cast members who play Ahsoka and Hera respectively — have shared the screen before, over a decade ago.

Both Star Wars cast members played major roles in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. The dark comedy movie, which was released in 2007, stars Kurt Russell as Mike McKay, a former stuntman who utilizes his experience of making purportedly “death-proof” stunt cars to lure women to their death.

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In Death Proof, Dawson and Winstead play Abernathy Ross and Lee Montgomery. After leaving Lee behind, Abernathy and her friends end up getting stalked by McKay. In fact, they get pretty close to death more than once in the thriller movie, but end up escaping the grasp of their would-be killer. And beating him to death for good measure. So, not exactly Jedi behaviour from Dawson, there.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dawson joked that it was nice to catch up with Winstead after ditching her character in the Quentin Tarantino movie.

“I definitely said that it was nice to see that she’s okay,” she said. :That’s always been the question, because we definitely left [Mary’s Death Proof character] behind to go gallivanting in this car. So, clearly, it worked out.”

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