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Star Wars – what is Coruscant?

Coruscant is a hub of activity and is the political centre of the Star Wars galaxy, but here's what makes the planet so important within the sci-fi series.

Star Wars: Coruscant - Anakin in Jedi temple

What do we know about Coruscant in Star Wars? There’s loads of planets in the galaxy, and we’re here to talk about a key one.

Being set in a galaxy far, far away, it’s no big surprise to learn that the Star Wars movies and Star Wars series are filled with countless intergalactic planets. These Star Wars planets each have their own unique aesthetics, from the crackling darkness of Exegol to the harsh deserts of Tatooine. They’re also usually filled with a variety of interesting and unusual alien faces, which add a sense of buzz, and life.

One planet encapsulates that more than any other: Coruscant. Coruscant is one of the main planets throughout the events of the science fiction movies and sci-fi series too, but why is is so important, and what do we know about it? These are all good questions, and are probably questions that have crossed your mind at some point while watching the epic space opera. So, let’s get into it with our definitive guide to the Star Wars planet Coruscant.

What is Coruscant?

Coruscant is a large core worlds planet, and the galactic capital. It is classified as an ecumenopolis, which means that it’s a planet that has a surface entirely covered in endless city.

This planet-wide city coverage means that Coruscant boasts an enormous population of over 2 trillion. Among these 2 trillion are humans, as well as a large proportion of other non-human alien races. Because of its size, status, population, and position within the galaxy, Coruscant is arguably the most important planet in the galaxy and is a hub of culture, politics, technology, and influence.

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Why is Coruscant so important?

Coruscant is one of the single most important planets in the entire galaxy, because it is the home of the senate, the Jedi, and the Galactic Empire.

Firstly, as the galactic capital, Coruscant was the base of some of the most influential institutions across the Star Wars galaxy. Chief among these was the galactic senate. The galactic senate was the main political institution that maintained democracy within the Galactic Republic and passed new legislation. It had representatives from all member species within the Galactic Republic, who would speak on behalf of their citizens. The galactic senate is the Star Wars equivalent to congress in the US and parliament in the UK.

As well as being the home of senate Coruscant was also where the Jedi temple and Jedi archives were located in the galaxy. The Jedi temple was where young Jedi would undergo their training, and was home to the Jedi council where masters would discuss important changes and how they should respond to events. It was the central hub of the Jedi, important for coordinating their individual missions across the galaxy.

After the ascension of the Galactic Empire led by the Sith lord Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, Coruscant retained its influence and its status as the galactic capital. It became known as the Imperial Centre, and was where the ISB and other Imperial institutions (like the Imperial bureau of standards) coordinated their plans and were based.

Star Wars: Coruscant explained - Jedi temple on fire

Key events on Coruscant

Coruscant was at the very centre of the war between the Galactic Republic and the Separatists. In 19BBY the planet was attacked by forces led by General Grievous, as he attempted (and succeeded) in kidnapping the then-Chancellor Palpatine.

Following the battle and Palpatine’s rescue, chaos erupted on Coruscant following Order 66. Clone troopers attacked the Jedi temple, slaughtering Jedi younglings and padawans while more senior Jedi figures, like Ki-Adi-Mundi were away on duty at the end of the Clone Wars. The destruction of the temple created enormous plumes of smoke that could be seen from miles away across the planet’s surface.

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When do we see Coruscant?

Coruscant wasn’t in the original trilogy, at least until the release of George Lucas’s special editions. In the special edition of Return of the Jedi, the planet is briefly seen during the celebrations at the conclusion.

However, Coruscant mainly appears in the prequel trilogy. It is seen through the eyes of Anakin Skywalker, who journeys to the planet to be assessed by the Jedi council, and then returns as padawan to Obi-Wan Kenobi. From there onwards, it serves as much of the backdrop for the rest of the prequel trilogy, as it’s where the Jedi and senate are based throughout the 2000s movies Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Coruscant does not play a role in the sequel trilogy, largely because those Star Wars movies weren’t interested in the intergalactic politics that took place on the planet. But, it is seen extensively in Andor season 1 and is where the ISB agent Dedra Meero is based. It is also the home of Syril Karn, as well as Luthen Rael and Mon Mothma who coordinate Rebellion activity from their position on the planet.

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