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Five massive Star Wars questions we need the Ahsoka finale to answer

The Ahsoka finale is upon us, bringing the latest Star Wars series to a close. We've been watching intently and there are some major things we want to know.

The Ahsoka finale has some big Star Wars questions to answer

Which questions does the Ahsoka finale need to answer? There’s no faulting the ambition Dave Filoni has shown in Ahsoka. The show has an enormous ensemble cast of Star Wars characters old and new, with each of them seemingly holding on to a magician’s sleeve full of secrets. The thing is that some of those secrets have to come out eventually.

So that’s a whole load of Star Wars mysteries we need answers to when the Ahsoka episode 8 release date finally comes around. This has been one of the best Star Wars series to date, exploring areas of George Lucas’s universe that you can’t even get close to by solely watching the Star Wars movies in order.

But we can’t find out everything in just 45 minutes of television. Even the best TV series ever would struggle with that! So here are the questions we need the Ahsoka finale to answer so that we can understand the fates of the best Star Wars characters in the Ahsoka cast.

1. What’s calling to Baylan Skoll?

OK, so we have our own ideas about what’s really calling to Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka. But it’s very clear that one of the best Star Wars villains in recent years has something more on his mind than power games between Jedi and Sith. In episode 7, he sent Shin Hati off to gain the glory of capturing Ezra Bridger, declaring that he had a different path to follow.

The late Ray Stevenson’s mercurial performance has sat at the heart of Ahsoka throughout and we’re fascinated to see the pay-off to the carefully told story around him. Time to start reading about Abeloth and Mortis.

The Ahsoka finale needs to reveal the Nightsisters' plan

2. What’s the cargo being passed between Thrawn and the Nightsisters?

Grand Admiral Thrawn‘s return has only been made possible by his deal with Morgan Elsbeth and her kin, the Nightsisters of Dathomir. We’ve learned already that this deal has to do with cargo being transferred from the catacombs of Peridea on to his Star Destroyer. But what’s the cargo?

Well, the fact it’s from the catacombs suggests that the Nightsisters are loading up Thrawn’s ship with the corpses of other Nightsisters. They’ve helped Thrawn return to his home galaxy and it looks like he might’ve given them the opportunity to repopulate Dathomir, or form an army to take down their enemies.

Could the Ahsoka finale be on the verge of taking on the best zombie movies? We’ve already had The Last of Us this year, and now Star Wars could become undead, just in time for Halloween. Spooky!

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3. Will Sabine Wren become a Jedi?

Sabine Wren’s status as a burgeoning Jedi has been somewhat sidelined amid all the chaos around Thrawn and purrgil and witches. In the first few episodes, this looked like a major plot thread, so we expect it to return with a vengeance in the finale. We don’t know for sure if Sabine is Force-sensitive, or if that even matters.

We saw Sabine wrangling Ezra’s lightsaber in episode 7 and we know that Ezra doesn’t want to use his lightsaber, so the notion of Jedi status between the two of them is clearly going to be a big question for the finale.

The Ahsoka finale should explain the mystery of the Night Troopers

4. What are the Night Troopers and Captain Enoch?

Thrawn has an army of Stormtroopers, but they’re a little different to what we’ve seen from Imperial forces before. First off, they’re led by a big, gold dude called Captain Enoch. Secondly, they’re referred to as Night Troopers. What’s the deal?

Obviously, the name suggests that Thrawn’s grubby deal with the Nightsisters might have something to do with this. There’s also the fact that we’ve seen Thrawn minion Inquisitor Marrok turn into wispy vapor already in this series, suggesting there might be some sort of horrific necromancy going on.

Someone like Thrawn at the head of some sort of undead army doesn’t bear thinking about. He didn’t need to become even more formidable.

Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren will take center stage in the Ahsoka finale

5. Will Ezra Bridger make it home with his friends?

As things stand, most of the main Star Wars characters are marooned on Peridea. Thrawn and his buddies will be fine because they have access to a Star Destroyer and the hyperspace-jumping power of the Eye of Sion, but we don’t know whether our heroes will be able to make it home.

This is a particularly big question for Ezra, who has been stuck on Peridea since the conclusion of Star Wars Rebels, forming a unique bond with the nomadic Noti. They currently have no means of making it home, but there’s also the question of whether Ezra even wants to. He has carved out a life on Peridea, which is a peace he might prefer to the anarchy of the main galaxy.

Even if he does want to go home, it’s going to be a real struggle for them all without a ship capable of such an enormous hyperspace jump. Ezra might have to call in a favor with his purrgil buddies.

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