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Captain Enoch, Thrawn’s golden stormtrooper in Ahsoka explained

The latest episode of Ahsoka saw the Star Wars series introduce a new golden stormtrooper in the shape of Thrawn's buddy Captain Enoch. Here's what we know.

Captain Enoch, played by Wes Chatham, is the golden stormtrooper in Ahsoka

Who is the golden stormtrooper in Ahsoka? This week’s installment of Ahsoka Tano’s new Star Wars series introduced us to the sinister and formidable Captain Enoch. We’ve not seen golden stormtroopers before, so it’s fair to say Enoch is a unique baddie for our heroes to take on.

Star Wars fans don’t know much about Enoch just yet, but it’s clear that he’s a formidable addition to the Ahsoka cast and the ranks of the best Star Wars villains. There have been many great baddies throughout the Star Wars movies in order, and we met another of them this week with the live-action debut of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

We know all about Thrawn already, but who is Captain Enoch? He’s set to play a key role throughout the rest of the Ahsoka release schedule, so it’s time to see what exactly we know about the new Star Wars cast member. Could he join the list of the best Star Wars characters any time soon?

Who is Captain Enoch in Ahsoka?

Captain Enoch, played by Wes Chatham, is Thrawn’s right-hand man and a golden stormtrooper who leads the villain’s army of Night Troopers on Peridea.

We were certainly intimidated by the revelation that, not only did Thrawn survive, he has an army of particularly badass-looking troopers with him. It’s not clear what powers the Night Troopers have, but we know that they look imposing with their weathered armor.

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Enoch is the “captain of [Thrawn’s] guard”, according to the villain himself, with a golden face and golden shoulder panels on his own unique armor. He’s a constant companion at Thrawn’s side throughout the episode.

It’s not immediately clear how Thrawn has managed to get a specially adapted stormtrooper, though his mask certainly seems reminiscent of something the Nightsisters of Dathomir might have constructed. We know some of them have been working with Thrawn, so it’s possible Enoch is one of their macabre creations.

Fans of the best sci-fi series will be familiar with Enoch actor Wes Chatham, who previously portrayed mechanic Amos Burton in The Expanse. He has real sci-fi pedigree, which he will hopefully bring to this character throughout the final two episodes of the Star Wars series.

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