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Ahsoka Tano shares an awesome Jedi power with Yoda

Ahsoka Tano uses some incredible Jedi powers, but there's one that she shares with Yoda that really proves she's one of the best Star Wars characters.

Roasrio Dawson in Star Wars: Ahsoka

If you didn’t know Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars before now, that’ll change soon. The best Star Wars character has her own Disney Plus show that’s currently releasing episodes on the service. An extremely powerful Jedi, she has some distinct capabilities, including something that only Yoda’s ever done otherwise.

As a Force user, Ahsoka has plenty of hidden talents, and she demonstrates one during a battle in animated series Rebels. In season 2, episode 9, she faces the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother of the Inquisitors. During the fight, she decides to deactivate her signature dual white lightsabers, and take on the Seventh Sister single-handedly – then something really cool happens.

Upon grabbing the handle of the Sister’s lightsaber mid-swing, Ahsoka disables her blade. Out of nowhere, and you can see the surprise on the Star Wars villain‘s face. Ahsoka seems to do it without breaking a sweat, too.

We see something similar happen in the first season, when Yoda fights Asajj Ventress. He manages tot urn off her saber with a mere wave of his hand, and even confiscates them. Still the king.

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These abilities have been ill-defined within the franchise so far. Watching the Star Wars movies in order won’t give you much insight. We get more description in the novel Ahsoka, from E K Johnston, where the former padawan explodes the Kyber crystals inside another inquisitor’s lightsaber. This might even be a power Ahsoka doesn’t fully know how to control, but it’s certain she’s aware of it.

That might be where her Star Wars series comes in. We’re running headlong into a confrontation between her and Baylan Skoll, and that’s going to be a duel to remember. She’ll need all the help she can get on that one, and that’s before she has to face Thrawn.

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