1923 cast – meet the stars of the Yellowstone spin-off

The latest Yellowstone spin-off focusses on Jacob and Cara Dutton during the Great Depression, and here is what you need to know about the 1923 cast.

1923 cast: Helen Mirren in Yellowstone 1923

Who’s in the 1923 cast? Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more Hollywood actors left to throw into a Yellowstone spin-off, 1923 came along.

With the Yellowstone ranch once again at the centre, 1923 follows Jacob and Cara Dutton (ancestors of John Dutton), as they try to navigate life through difficult periods of history like the Great Depression and Prohibition era.

Naturally, the Western drama series proved to be a hit, and it wasn’t long before fans started clamouring for a Yellowstone 1923 season 2 release date — but who are the latest crew of actors to join the Dutton dynasty? Here’s what to know about the 1923 cast.

Who’s in the 1923 cast?

  • Harrison Ford
  • Helen Mirren
  • Brandon Sklenar
  • Darren Mann
  • Michelle Randolph
  • Jerome Flynn
  • Brian Geraghty
  • Aminah Nieves
  • Isabel May

1923 cast: Harrison Ford in Yellowstone 1923

Harrison Ford – Jacob Dutton

OG Star Wars cast member Harrison Ford swapped the Millenium Falcon for Yellowstone Ranch. His character, Jacob Dutton, is the patriarch of the ranch and the older brother of James Dutton (who you might know from 1883).

1923 cast: Helen Mirren in Yellowstone 1923

Helen Mirren – Cara Dutton

From the Queen of England to Deckard Shaw’s mother in the Fast and Furious movies, nobody can say that Dame Helen Mirren doesn’t have range. Starring as Cara Dutton, this marks the second time she played Ford’s on-screen spouse after ‘80s movie The Mosquito Coast.

1923 cast: Brandon Sklenar in Yellowstone 1923

Brandon Sklenar – Spencer Dutton

Brandon Sklenar, who has previously starred in feature films like Indigo Valley, Jonesin’, and London Calling, plays Spencer Dutton in 1923. The former WWI soldier and trophy hunter is Jacob Dutton’s nephew in the series.

1923 cast: Darren Mann in Yellowstone 1923

Darren Mann — Jack Dutton

Jack Dutton is John Dutton Snr’s son, and is the great-nephew of our protagnist Jacob. He’s a devoted rancher and fiance to Elizabeth Strafford, but develops a bit of a dark side across season 1. Meanwhile, Darren Mann is known for his role in films like Giant Little Ones and Embattled.

1923 cast: Michelle Randolph in Yellowstone 1923

Michelle Randolph – Elizabeth Strafford

The feisty and independent fiance of Jack, it feels like Elizabeth Strafford was always destined to be a Dutton. Meanwhile, Randolph is known for her roles in horror movie The Resort and Christmas movie, A Snow White Christmas.

1923 cast: Jerome Flynn in Yellowstone 1923

Jerome Flynn – Banner Creighton

Helming from Scotland, Banner Creighton is a hard-headed sheep who often butts heads with the Duttons. And if you think you recognise the character’s actor, Jerome Flynn, you’re right — he played Bronn in fantasy series Game of Thrones.

1923 cast: Brian Geraghty in Yellowstone 1923

Brian Geraghty – Zane Davis

Zane Davis might not be a Dutton by blood, but he is in spirit — the foreman for Yellowstone ranch is extremely loyal. Meanwhile, his actor Brian Geraghty isn’t new to the TV world — he previously had a recurring role in HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

1923 cast: Aminah Nieves in Yellowstone 1923

Aminah Nieves – Teonna Rainwater

Rather than shying away from the US’ chequered history, 1923 directly tackles the treatment of indigenous people during this era. Played by Aminah Nieves, who also has Native American heritage, 1923 character Teonna Rainwater is forced to attend a “boarding school” that aims to denigrate Native American culture.

1923 cast: Isabel May in Yellowstone 1883

Isabel May – The Narrator/Elsa Dutton

Isabel May might not be seen on-screen like she is in 1883, but she semi-reprises her role as Elsa Dutton for this series by serving as The Narrator for 1923.

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