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Will we see the Malachor fight with Darth Vader in Ahsoka?

Ahsoka Tano's personal history has been a big part of her Star Wars series, so we might well see her fight Darth Vader on Malachor. It's spectacle time.

Ahsoka fought with Darth Vader on Malachor in Star Wars Rebels

Will we see the Malachor fight in Ahsoka? Star Wars fans have had plenty of very exciting moments in Ahsoka already, with the new Disney Plus series delving back through the timeline to give us a fiery glimpse of the Clone Wars in live-action.

Ahsoka draws from the Star Wars we saw in the best animated series shepherded by Dave Filoni, Rebels and The Clone Wars. Those who have watched the best TV series in the canon, as well as all of the Star Wars movies in order, will have had plenty of pinch-yourself moments from the new Star Wars series already. Filoni is a fanboy above all else, and we love that about him. Well, most of the time we do.

We’ve been given a great chance to see the best Star Wars characters in live-action as part of the Ahsoka cast, as well as revisiting important planets and events from the franchise’s history. And fans have high hopes that we could see Malachor in Ahsoka as the Disney Plus show nears its conclusion.

What is Malachor in Star Wars?

Malachor is an Outer Rim planet, which was home to an ancient Sith temple. It became so infamous that its name was often used as an expletive. Well, holy Malachor! 

The first time we saw Malachor in the Star Wars canon was in the final episode of Star Wars Rebels season 2, entitled ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’.

Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano discuss the fact the planet, which is now a dead world, was always off-limits to Jedi. They have traveled there having been told to do so by a vision of Yoda, with the promise of knowledge. Unfortunately for them, one of the best Star Wars villains, Darth Maul, is also in search of Malachor’s secrets.

During the course of the episode, we learn that Malachor is home to a Sith temple that also doubles as a devastatingly powerful battle station. That’s the power Maul wants to wield. Scary stuff!

The Sith temple on Malachor appeared in Star Wars Rebels

Ahsoka vs. Vader on Malachor in Star Wars explained

Ahsoka fought a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader on Malachor, which culminated in the destruction of the Sith temple and Ahsoka’s apparent death. 

This was a hugely significant moment in Star Wars Rebels as it marked the first confrontation between Ahsoka and her former master since Anakin Skywalker had become Darth Vader. They engaged in a fast-paced and thrilling fight – the animated shows gave us some great lightsaber duels – before Vader eventually emerged alone from the crumbling wreck of the temple.

It wasn’t until the Rebels season 4 episode ‘A World Between Worlds’ that we got an update on Ahsoka’s fate, with Ezra Bridger managing to use the World Between Worlds to extract Ahsoka from that moment and save her life.

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Is Malachor in Ahsoka?

We haven’t yet seen Malachor in Ahsoka, but the show has revisited some pivotal moments in the character’s timeline, so there’s every chance we return to this pivotal duel.

Ahsoka episode 5 followed Ahsoka into the World Between Worlds after her deadly duel with Baylan Skoll. She had a confrontation with a version of Anakin, who dueled with her and took her through some big moments in her life, including one of the first battles of the Clone Wars (in which he saw a young Ahsoka) and the Siege of Mandalore.

That episode showed that Filoni is willing to retrace Ahsoka’s steps, so it’s possible that something as big as the fight on Malachor will arise, even as a flashback sequence. It would certainly be a shame if they’d got Hayden Christensen back for just the one episode.

Ahsoka has revisited her past through the World Between Worlds

Is Malachor the same as Malachor V in Star Wars?

Malachor V was the name given to Malachor in the Star Wars Legends continuity, which is no longer canon. They have subtly different histories, but they’re broadly similar.

The Legends continuity was excised from canon in 2014 after Disney pirchased Lucasfilm. Elements of that universe have since been written back into canon over the years and Filoni, in particular, has paid homage in various ways, such as naming Hera’s Son Jacen.

The version of Malachor V in Legends is essentially the same as Malachor in Rebels, though it was home to a Sith academy rather than a temple. It was rendered inhospitable by a cataclysm during the Mandalorian Wars.

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