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The World Between Worlds in Ahsoka explained

The new Ahsoka Star Wars series just brought the World Between Worlds into play, so we are here to explain what exactly this mysterious place actually is.

Ahsoka Tano and the World Between Worlds portal

What is the World Between Worlds in Star Wars? The galaxy is full of strange and mysterious places, and the new Ahsoka series just re-introduced audiences to one of the most fascinating concepts in the whole franchise.

One of the greatest successes of Star Wars as a whole is the manner in which the saga has been able to transport fans to the deepest depths of space and show us strange worlds and unique creatures. Whether you are watching all the Star Wars movies in order or diving into the very best Star Wars series, you can expect to be astounded by the scale of the galaxy at every turn.

If the whole galaxy isn’t enough for you, however, there is an entirely different plane of existence that only the best Star Wars characters can explore – the World Between Worlds. So, what exactly is this mind-blowing place, and what are its implications on the wider world of Star Wars?

What is the World Between Worlds?

To put it as simply as possible, the World Between Worlds is a mystical plane that exists within the very fabric of space and time, connecting every single moment in history together via pathways and portals.

The World Between Worlds can also be called the Vergence Scatter, and it operates through the immense power of the Force, just as many of the most wonderful things in Star Wars do. This mysterious world has strong links to the Jedi Order and essentially grants its visitors the unfathomable ability to travel back in time and transcend life and death itself.

Because of this capability to cheat death, the World Between Worlds has naturally attracted the attention of the Sith throughout the history of Star Wars. Most notably, Darth Sidious, AKA Emperor Palpatine, was eager to harness the power of the portals to aid his ambitions for the Galactic Empire.

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The World Between Worlds in Ahsoka

In episode four of Ahsoka, we saw the World Between Worlds introduced in live-action for the first time. During the episode, the titular character enters the mystical plane and uses its power to bring back her old master, Anakin Skywalker.

Seeing Hayden Christensen among the Ahsoka cast was a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. The curious thing is that the Anakin Skywalker we meet in the latest episode of the Disney Plus show appears to be the version of the character from before his fall to the Dark Side. It remains to be seen what Ahsoka Tano will do now she is reunited with her former master.

Judging by when Ahsoka takes place in the Star Wars timeline, the Anakin we know has been dead for five years and is now firmly established as Darth Vader after the events of Revenge of the Sith. There is every chance the person Ahsoka sees before her is a Force Ghost, but we will know more as the sci-fi series continues.

Ahsoka Tano and Ezra Bridger in Star Wars Rebels

The World Between Worlds in Star Wars Rebels explained

This is not the first time Ahsoka has found herself in the World Between Worlds, having previously been there in Star Wars Rebels alongside Ezra Bridger.

In one of the best animated series to come from a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars Rebels leads the two young Jedi on a dangerous mission to stop the Sith’s plans to unlock the secrets of the World Between Worlds. Ezra, having found the world’s key, is able to enter the realm along with Ahsoka. But, recognizing the power in his hands, Ezra hopes to resurrect his former master, Kanun Jarrus.

Ahsoka reminds him this cannot happen, as Kanun’s sacrifice allowed them all to live. Thus, the pair decide to close off the portal to prevent the Sith from accessing it, but they are faced with Darth Sidious, who has followed them there. The very best Star Wars villain finds himself thwarted this time, however, with Ezra and Ahsoka able to close the loop of the World Between Worlds. Ahsoka returns to her own place in time, but Ezra is seemingly lost forever… or is he?

We suspect Ezra Bridger will make a glorious Star Wars cameo in a future episode of Ahsoka, but until then, you’ve plenty of time to learn about the Star Wars cast, the release dates of the new Star Wars movies, or the Andor season 2 release date. Alternatively, discover all there is to know about characters like Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Yoda.