Arcane season 2 release date speculation, trailer, plot, and cast

The Arcane season 2 release date will bring Runeterra back to our screens, here's what the future holds for the League of Legends Netflix series

Arcane season 2 release date: Still

What is the Arcane season 2 release date? With Jinx (Ella Purnell) launching a direct attack on Piltover’s councillors, the first season of League of Legends animated series Arcane ended in dramatic fashion, leaving many fans with more questions than answers. Outside of wondering what happened to their favourite Arcane characters, the biggest question for many eager viewers is when does Arcane return?

The Netflix series saw a number of League of Legends’ most iconic characters spotted out in the wild beyond Summoner’s Rift for the first time, and has achieved something few videogame adaptations have managed to – it has created a world that requires no actual understanding of LoL or its characters to completely lose yourself in. This has subsequently attracted a slew of new fans to the world of Runeterra, all completely oblivious to its source material.

The reception to Arcane has been beyond phenomenal. Season 1 garnered near-perfect scores on Rotten Tomatoes, while briefly blowing the near-impervious Squid Game off the top spot of Netflix‘s global most-watched chart. With all eyes now firmly on Arcane here’s everything we have on the Arcane Season 2 release date, as well as trailers, cast, potential plotlines, and more.

Arcane season 2 release date speculation

The Arcane Season 2 release date will likely be sometime in late 2023, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

Well, the good news is that Arcane’s second season won’t take another full six years Riot Games and Fortiche Productions spent painstakingly crafting its first. The bad news is that we may still be waiting a while.

According to Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent, Arcane Season 2 is already in production. However, we won’t be reunited with our favourite cast of champions until at least 2023.

Laurent’s comment came as a response to a previous tweet of his from back in 2019, where he stated that Riot is “committed to Arcane for multiple seasons.” As such, we’re pretty darn confident that Arcane Season 2 won’t be its last.

Arcane season 2 release date: Arcane still

Arcane Season 2 cast speculation

While the Arcane season 2 cast hasn’t been officially confirmed just yet, we can make some educated guesses based on who’s leftover by the end of season 1. The season 2 announcement trailer all but confirmed that Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell, and Katie Leung will all reprise their roles as Vi, Jinx, and Caitlyn, respectively.

Here is the Arcane Season 2 cast we expect to return:

  • Hailee Steinfeld (Vi)
  • Ella Purnell (Jinx)
  • Katie Leung (Caitlyn Kiramman)
  • Kevin Alejandro (Jayce Talis)
  • Harry Lloyd (Viktor)
  • Toks Olagundoye (Mel Medarda)
  • Ellen Thomas (Ambessa Merdarda)
  • Reed Shannon (Ekko)
  • Mick Wingert (Heimerdinger)
  • Brett Tucker (Singed)

Depending on how flashback-heavy Arcane Season 2 gets, we could also see those who voiced the main cast’s younger selves lend their voices once again. This could also spell the return of Jason Spisak as Silco, and JB Blanc as Vander.

Arcane season 2 release date: Still

Arcane Season 2 trailer speculation

There’s no full Arcane season 2 trailer yet. We do have something to show you, though! During the Undercity Nights event, which celebrated the release of Arcane season 1’s third act, a special Arcane season 2announcement video was released.

YouTube Thumbnail

Although there’s not a lot going on visually, we do hear lines of dialogue from Caitlyn discussing pursuing Jinx with Vi. “Every way I slice it,” she says, “if I go after your sister alone, one of us comes back in a box.”

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This is followed by Jinx’s own disparate musings, during which she says that she can get the job (presumably whatever Silco had wanted to achieve before his death) done without anyone else getting hurt. “I’m glad it’s you… had to be you,” follows her angsty resolution, though it’s a mystery who she could be talking to.

Just before the trailer ends, we hear the howl and in-game sounds belonging to the LoL champion Warwick. Warwick is a chemtech-infused, machine-augmented werewolf created from one of Zaun’s inhabitants by Singed – that’s the “mutation must survive” guy – who could be awooo-ing their way into Season 2.

Arcane season 2 release date

How many Arcane Season 2 episodes will there be?

So how many episodes will Arcane season 2 have? Unfortunately, Riot has yet to confirm how many Arcane season 2 episodes there will be. Although we’d personally like to see at least 300 episodes (plus a holiday special) next season, realistically, the next phase of the adventure will run for a similar length to season 1.

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Arcane Season 2 could very well follow the first season’s approach of spreading nine episodes of peak animation over three acts. By releasing one act per week, Riot was able to find a way to appease both binge-watchers and slow-burners alike – a winning formula in our books that we’d love to see return.

Arcane season 2 release date

Arcane Season 2 plot speculation

With details surrounding the Arcane season 2 plot being so thin right now, we can only make educated guesses as to what may transpire when the series returns.

The climax of Arcane season 1 saw Silco’s demise at the hands of Powder – now fully identifying as Jinx – before the loose cannon launched a hex crystal-empowered payload at the Piltover council chamber. The season ends with the rocket beginning to break through the window to the chamber as the councillors motion in favour of pursuing a peaceful resolution to its internal conflict with Zaun.

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Alongside the struggle between Jinx, Vi, and Caitlyn, there’s a slew of other narrative strands – some already existing, and some hinted at in the Season 2 announcement trailer – that could very well be explored next season.

Firstly, there’s the immediate question mark hanging over the fate of the councillors. With both Jayce and Viktor in the room, we can make the assumption that at least a few of them will survive. We also saw the gold pieces adorning Mel’s back react to the threat, perhaps indicating that she has a method of getting out of the attack unscathed.

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A magical super rocket isn’t the only thing Mel needs to worry about, either. As we know, Ambessa revealed that Mel’s brother was killed by a particularly nasty character by even Noxian standards. Already fans have theorised that champions like Darius or Swain could be behind it, though it could be an entirely new threat to the Medarda family altogether.

With Jayce – who attempted to broker peace with Silco prior to the season finale – now seemingly having been betrayed by Zaun, the impressionable councillor could very well be led down a much darker path. Meanwhile, Viktor, who has entered somewhat of a symbiotic relationship with the Hex Core, could begin to develop a dependence on self-augmenting with its power, leading him back to Singed.

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And then, of course, there’s both Ekko and Heimerdinger to think about. With the forcefully-retired councillor taking an active interest in the hoverboards used by the Firelights, we could very well see the duo working together in some capacity down in Zaun.

Finally, there’s the elephant – or werewolf – in the room, Warwick. LoL players will have immediately recognised his distinctive grrr’ing and in-game sound effects at the end of the Arcane Season 2 announcement trailer.

Originally the subject of Singed’s experimentation, Warwick was once a man before being turned into a heavily-augmented beast at the hands of the Mad Chemist. And, if current theories prove true then it’s not just any fellow – it’s Vander. That’s right, the current consensus is that Jinx and Vi’s adoptive father is now the Terror of Zaun, and with pretty convincing evidence to back it up.

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For example, there are several lines of dialogue between Warwick and other Arcane characters in LoL that hint towards him being Vander. The most notable of these are the special interactions he shares with Jinx and Vi. “Let me forget” – a comment he makes to Jinx – could refer to the horrific event which took place at Silco’s hideout in act one. When taunting Vi, he asks her “who taught you how to punch?” – just a hint of dramatic irony there.

Fans have also noted that the way Vander growls during his battle with Silco’s crew is reminiscent of Warwick’s own snarls, which is either a happy coincidence or a subtle tell. With Warwick originally being “a gangster who put down his blade and took up a new name to live a better life” in the lore, it wouldn’t be a stretch for Riot to retcon this ever so slightly to line up with Vander’s own backstory as a bit of a rebel in a past life.

Should Warwick be introduced in the Arcane Season 2 plot, then we can see him living up to his moniker and operating as an antagonist to the people of Zaun. Needless to say, we’re not looking forward to his reunion with Jinx and Vi should it happen. It’s going to hurt… a lot.

Arcane season 2 release date

How can you watch Arcane Season 2?

As it stands, just like season 1, Arcane Season 2 will be available to stream either on Netflix or, if you’re in China, Tencent Video.

Arcane follows in the footsteps of other Netflix-backed videogame adaptations such as The Witcher, Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild, and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. While some series have performed better than others, all have been eclipsed in popularity by Arcane at this point.

And there you have it, everything you need to know about Arcane Season 2. It’s going to be quite a while before we see Jinx, Vi, and co. return to our screens, so be sure to check back often for the latest updates on its production.