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Caitlyn in Arcane explained

Caitlyn Kiramman is one of the best Arcane charcaters, but who is she in League of Legends? Dive into Caitlyn explained to learn everything about the character.

Caitlyn Kirammen in Arcane

Who is Caitlyn in Arcane? The blue-haired enforcer turned ally of the Undercity is a prominent figure in all three acts of Arcane season 1, which means she has a bit more to her backstory than some other characters in the LoL series.

The world-building is one of the things that makes Arcane one of the best TV series on Netflix, and Caitlyn is a character we follow from the early days of Hex-tech when she was young to the days of brewing war at the end of the story.

So, let’s talk about the past, present, and future of one of the best Arcane characters with Caitlyn explained — her connection to LoL, her relationship with Vi, who her voice actor in the Arcane cast is, and more.

Who is Caitlyn in Arcane?

Caitlyn Kiramman is a main character in Arcane who was childhood friends with Jayce before becoming an Enforcer. After meeting Vi, Caitlyn becomes conflicted due to Piltover’s corruption.

We first meet Caitlyn as a young girl. With a mother on Piltover’s council and a lot of generational wealth because of her family being one of the ruling houses, Caitlyn ends up becoming an Enforcer — often an unwelcome one, due to her tenacity putting corrupt Enforcers’ dealings at risk. Caitlyn believes in justice, and throughout season one learns that Piltover and its Enforcers are not foolproof.

She struggles against her family and has contempt for the elitism in Piltover. While Jayce gets pulled in by the politics and conflict, Caitlyn ends up moving away from it.

Caitlyn Kiramman in Arcane season 1

Caitlyn in Arcane’s backstory explained

Caitlyn grew up as part of House Kiramman in Arcane, one of the most affluent and influential families in Piltover. Eager to prove herself and escape the overbearing shadow of her parents, Caitlyn became an Enforcer.

Caitlyn as a young girl trained to become a capable marksman. After winning a competition, she confronted her closest opponent, Sheriff Grayson, suspecting that her parents had paid her to throw the competition. Grayson admitted she let Caitlyn win because she felt that she earned it, not because of her parents.

Caitlyn also became close to Jayce Talis, who her parents were sponsoring. Caitlyn was with him when his laboratory exploded after a break-in, angering her mother. Though Caitlyn and her father managed to convince her to speak for and not against Jayce during his subsequent trial, Jayce would ultimately end up being saved by Mel instead.

Caitlyn grew more and more eager to prove her worth as she came of age, eventually becoming the tenacious Enforcer we meet as an adult in act 2.

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Vi and Caitlyn in Arcane explained

Vi and Caitlyn begin a romantic relationship in Arcane season 1 after Caitlyn breaks Vi out of prison. Unfortunately, the fact they come from different worlds and social classes proves troublesome.

When Caitlyn gets Vi out of the prison she was taken to in episode 3, they have little trust between them. But as things develop, the pair are forced to see things from each other’s perspective. Caitlyn recognizes she’s part of a harmful system, and Vi realizes that not everyone in Piltover wishes to be rid of Zaun and its people.

Unfortunately, Jinx, unstable as she is, becomes jealous of their relationship, feeling that her sister is picking an Enforcer over her. Considering the events of the finale and Caitlyn’s mother being in the council room Jinx attacks, we imagine this strain on their relationship may cause some problems for Caitlyn and Vi in season 2.

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Who is the Caitlyn Arcane voice actor?

Katie Leung, who is best known for Harry Potter, voices Caitlyn in the Arcane cast.

For more on her, check out our guide on the full Arcane cast. There’s also an interview with her you can watch above to find out more about her career.

The Arcane characters' height visualized

How tall is Caitlyn in Arcane?

Caitlyn is pretty tall in Arcane, standing at 6ft as an adult.

This makes her one of the tallest characters in the series’ main line-up.

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Is Caitlyn in League of Legends?

Caitlyn in Arcane is adapted from the League of Legends character.

Caitlyn was released in January 2011 on League of Legends and has now been part of the game for over a decade. Her loadout consists of ranged attacks, and she has the longest base range in LoL. She mainlines her trusty sniper rifle but also uses other gadgets to augment her combat.

Arcane is not canon in League of Legends, so there are differences between the two mediums and they are distinct characters.

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