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Jinx in Arcane League of Legends explained

From young, sweet Powder to Piltover's chaotic nightmare, here is Jinx in LoL, her backstory explained, and why she's one of the best Arcane characters.

Jinx in Arcane

Who is Jinx in Arcane? Ah Jinx… we love to hate you, we love to love you, we want to undo all your childhood trauma and convince you to stop playfully joking about killing your sister’s girlfriend.

In Arcane, there are layers to everyone, but there’s a lot to unpack with Jinx in particular, one of the best Arcane characters. Luckily, we love Netflix‘s fantasy series as much as you do, so we’re happy to sit our blue-haired friend down on a therapist’s chair and get to figuring her out.

The thing is, though, Jinx cannot be “fixed”. In fact, she’s assigned agency in the season 1 finale when she makes clear she’s done being ripped apart by her two halves. So, here’s Jinx explained, and everything we’ve learned about the Arcane cast‘s most explosive personality ahead of the Arcane season 2 release date.

Ella Purnell as Jinx in Arcane League of Legends season 1

Who is Jinx in Arcane?

Jinx is an unpredictable criminal, Vi’s younger sister, and Silco’s adopted daughter. Reared by him and her traumatic childhood, she suffers from hallucinations and an abandonment complex.

Jinx is the grown-up version of Powder, after shedding her old identity and being born anew when she accidentally kills her friends in a rescue mission gone wrong in Arcane season 1 episode 3.

Vi, in a moment of shock, abandons her. She tries to come back for Powder a moment later, but it’s too late: Silco finds her, and because she’s desperate for acceptance, she clings to him.

Her anger towards Vi deepens over time, as does her intense guilt over her deadly mistake. As she finds herself listless, blowing things up and committing atrocities for Silco, the re-emergence of her older sister, and Jinx’s assumptions about Caitlyn replacing her, wreak havoc on her already fragile mental state.

Throughout Arcane, we see Jinx wrestle with mental illness, the consequences of giving up entirely on a moral code, and her fear of being rejected again. By the finale, she decides to fully sever ties to Powder.

Jinx in League of Legends

Jinx in League of Legends explained

In League of Legends, Jinx is a playable character who is a manic and impulsive criminal from Zaun. She lives to wreak havoc without caring for the consequences.

According to the official LoL wiki, “With an arsenal of deadly weapons, she unleashes the loudest blasts and brightest explosions to leave a trail of mayhem and panic in her wake. Jinx despises boredom and gleefully brings her own chaotic brand of pandemonium wherever she goes.”

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Jinx’s backstory in Arcane explained

After Jinx and Vi lost their parents, Powder found it difficult to fit in with Vi and her friends, always feeling undervalued and like a ‘Jinx’, leading to her accidentally killing Vander.

The earliest point we see Jinx in the TV series is in the opening sequence. She is hiding behind Vi, who leads her through the destruction and death caused by the conflict between the undercity activists and the Enforcers working on behalf of the wealthy and powerful. Jinx and Vi’s parents are dead, but we don’t know how. Then, Vander comes upon them and takes them in.

Powder runs with Vi’s crew, often getting into trouble, finding it difficult to fit in with Vi and her friends. When Vander is kidnapped by Silco, she is told to sit on the sidelines but instead sends one of her inventions in to try to help her father figure and friends.

The events of season 1 episode 3 are what cause the name change to Jinx, when her explosive device kills her friends and Vander instead of helping them. To be honest, this is probably the moment that convinced most viewers the show was indeed one of the best Netflix series of 2022.

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Who is the Arcane Jinx voice actor?

Ella Purnell voices Jinx in Arcane, while Mia Sinclair Jenness voices the younger Powder.

English actor Ella Purnell got her breakout role in the Yellowjackets cast and also starred in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead on Netflix.

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Why does Jinx hate Caitlyn in Arcane?

Jinx hates Caitlyn because she feels as if Vi is choosing the enforcer over her. Caitlyn also represents the good and morality Jinx feels disconnected from.

It makes total sense Caitlyn brings out Jinx’s insecurities. Picture this: your older sister traumatized you by leaving after you made a deadly mistake. For years after, you sink into a persona with no moral code, believing you have no worth. Then, your sister comes back. You want to be worthy of love, and a second chance, but you know you’re not. And hey, the person with her is the very embodiment of justice, and your fraying mind reframes every situation through the lens of your abandonment complex.

You can see all of this surfacing in the clip above. Jinx, please seek counseling!

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