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10 League of Legends characters who could show up in Arcane season 2

Season 1 had many League of Legends characters from the game show up in Netflix's animated series, but lets guess what champions may appear in Arcane season 2.

Jinx and Vi in League of Legends Wild Rift

Which League of Legends characters could fans potentially see in Arcane season 2? Season 1 introduced fan-favorite League of Legends champions like Jinx to Netflix subscribers, delighting fans and newcomers alike with incredible animation and impactful storytelling.

Whether you’re a LoL expert or a fan of Arcane (the best Netflix series) in isolation, you might be wondering if Arcane is canon to League of Legends and if characters from the game might appear in time for the Arcane season 2 release date.

Well, we’ve got some thoughts. This is a wish list, so let’s have some fun with it and imagine the League of Legends characters who could show up in Arcane season 2, and how they’d fit right in with the best Arcane characters. If you’re in unfamiliar territory, don’t worry; we’ll explain who they are.

League of Legends characters who could show up in Arcane season 2:

  • Dr Mundo
  • Urgot
  • Yasuo
  • Twitch
  • Orianna
  • Blitzcrank
  • Darius
  • Kindred
  • Camille
  • Warwick

Dr Mundo in League of Legends

10. Dr Mundo

Eagle-eyed LoL fans (i.e. not us, shoutout to @JumaraloHexCore) may have spotted a subtle nod to Dr Mundo in season 1 when young Powder peeks around a corner. The shredded poster has a barely-there old ‘Corporate Mundo’ design, seen below on the wall.

Dr Mundo Easter egg in Arcane season 1

Arcane’s crew seemed to have wanted any references to be blink-and-you’ll-miss-it as to not interfere with the approachable nature of the series, which is something we really appreciate. It also makes spotting stuff like this all the more impressive.

Dr Mundo was once a friendly and outgoing guy but lost his mind after he was experimented on in an asylum, eventually believing he himself was a doctor and experimenting on other patients. If Arcane were to introduce the asylum to the world, we’d expect Mundo to come with it.

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9. Urgot

This creepy-looking dude was sent to Zaun to dispose of a terrorist cell conspiring against Noxus. Except, this was just an excuse to get him away from his home, where a coup took place. After, he was sent to a chemtech prison deep under Zaun.

In a sort of Bane Dark Knight Rises moment, Urgot was reborn in the prison mine and inspired a riot. Replacing body parts with machinery, he emerged a darker, tougher soul, believing he could survive just about anything.

Caitlyn and Vi battled Urgot in Riot Games’ “Warriors” cinematic in 2020, which you can watch above!

Yasuo in League of Legends

8. Yasuo

A man of profound perseverance, Yasuo ‘the Unforgiven’ is a nimble swordsman who uses air itself as a weapon. As a young man, he was wrongly blamed for murdering his master, and when he was unable to prove his innocence, he was forced to kill his brother in self-defense. After his master’s actual slayer was exposed, Yasuo still could not forgive himself for his actions.

In a series often occupied with family drama, consequences, and the idea of forgiving monstrous actions, Yasuo would thematically blend in seamlessly, and we also need some sword action.

Twitch in League of Legends

7. Twitch

Twitch began his journey as a plague rat who mutated thanks to Zaun’s tasty waste. Kitted out with a chemtech crossbow, he plots humanity’s downfall and wants to create his own kingdom. Typical stuff.

Twitch sounds a bit absurd for the more grounded Arcane, but keep in mind that Arcane is its own story first, and not a 1:1 adaptation. We saw Singed experiment on rodents at the beginning of the series, so that’s our story lay-up.

Orianna in League of Legends

6. Orianna

Orianna is ‘The Lady of Clockwork’. Once made of flesh and blood like other girls, she became a marvel made entirely of clockwork after she fell gravely ill in Zaun and her body failed her.

Season 1 toyed with biting social commentary, using Zaun and its troubles as a vehicle to explore the very real implications of underfunded, poor areas where people are left behind. So, Orianna could be a compelling means to an end when it comes to furthering the idea of Zaun’s people having to innovate to survive.

But let’s be honest, she’s just cool — even if it doesn’t make sense.

Blitzcrank from League of Legends

5. Blitzcrank

Viktor had a rough go of it in season 1. He may have cured his illness, but he accidentally killed his assistant Sky, and weird stuff is happening to the inventor from the undercity after he became one with Hextech.

In LoL, Viktor continues down a dangerous creative path, but he also invented Blitzcrank, ‘the Great Steam Golem’ — a huge, almost-indestructible automaton from Zaun, originally built to dispose of dangerous waste. However, he found this purpose too restricting and modified himself to better serve people. Arcane’s Viktor, in a fragile state, may decide to bring this idea to life.

Just think of the cool action Paris’ animation studio Fortiche could pull off with this guy!

Darius from League of Legends

4. Darius

In the making-of docuseries Bridging the Rift, passionate and tireless co-creator Christian Linke hinted that Arcane’s future could take audiences outside of the locales explored in season 1, expanding the series’ scope. This brings us to Darius, a feared Noxian warrior.

Ambessa Medarda, herself a Noxian Warlord, turned up to check in on her daughter in Arcane, letting Mel know her brother had been killed. This could be a thread that allows the animated series to visit or further refer to Noxus. And considering Darius is named the ‘Hand of Noxus’ in LoL, he may be the first stop if we’re to get more Noxians.

Kindred masks in Arcane season 1

3. Kindred

Technically, Kindred has already been referenced in Arcane. In an easy-to-miss moment, the character was spotted in the brothel Caitlyn and Vi visit in Zaun. Vi glances into a room where two masked individuals are present, and they’re wearing masks representing Kindred’s two halves, Lamb and Wolf.

Kindred is a marksman that represents the “twin essences of death” according to the character’s bio, with a yin-and-yang sort of thing going on. There’s an eerie and spiritual element to Kindred that would make for a curious addition to the TV series.

Camille in League of Legends

2. Camille

One of Arcane’s strengths is its multiple nuanced female characters, who fall outside of the two extremes of angels and demons. So, let’s grab another one!

Camille belongs to Clan Ferros in LoL, a well-to-do Piltover family. Their factories make synthetic hex-crystals in the undercity, risky business. After losing her father to an attack, Camille began augmenting her body to become as strong as possible, ultimately going to extremes with it.

Camille would fit right in with the modification and evolution themes set up in season 1, and her sharp personality would make her an intriguing addition to an already stacked cast of characters.

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1. Warwick

Fans of the game may already have their thinking hats on when it comes to Warwick, who is a Singed creation from the LoL lore with machinery filling his veins with alchemical rage.

Essentially, he’s an enhanced werewolf. Why do people think he may be coming? Well, the season 2 announcement trailer ends with a howl. The fan theory is that Singed will bring Vander back from the dead, in this new form.

Watch the announcement video above and come to your own conclusion… We have some concerns about undercutting Vander’s tragic demise from season 1 episode 3, but bringing JB Blanc back to the booth for Netflix‘s Arcane cast might prove irresistible.

YouTube Thumbnail

It seems Singed more than likely will be responsible for at least one future champion, but we’ll have to wait and see what Riot Games cook up for us.

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