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The best Star Wars droids

It's not just about lightsaber-wielding Jedi and funny-looking alien creatures in a galaxy far, far away, so here are the best Star Wars droids.

Best Star Wars droids

Who are the best Star Wars droids? When it comes to exploring a galaxy far, far away, most people are more concerned with learning about the Jedi and the Sith and anyone else who wields a lightsaber.

But the truth is, in any Star Wars movie or TV series, you’re likely to find a droid at the heart of any fight. You see, for all the heroics of the science fiction movie good guys and all the nefarious Star Wars villains out there, sometimes all you need to win the day is a friendly little robot. They may look like lifeless scraps of metal, but every Star Wars droid actually has its own unique personality and skillset.

So, what are the best Star Wars droids? There’s so many of them, but here’s a small selection of the ones we deem the crème de la crème.

The best Star Wars droids: 

  • R2-D2
  • Chopper
  • BB-8
  • K-2SO
  • Battle droid

The best Star Wars droids: R2-D2


Robots don’t come much more iconic than this little fella, do they? Well, maybe Terminator, but that’s a very different kind of robot movie. R2-D2 has been a part of popular culture for as long as Star Wars itself now, having appeared in every single one of the main Skywalker saga movies.

The astromech droid is as much a part of the Star Wars cast as Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford at this point, perhaps even more so! Artoo served Luke Skywalker in the Original Trilogy, and served his father before him, Anakin, during the prequel trilogy of 2000s movies.

The range of R2-D2’s skills is never-ending; he can fly almost any Star Wars ship, he can pick a lock, and he’s an expert navigator too. There’s no other droid we’d want by our side, that’s for sure!

The best Star Wars droids: Chopper


While R2-D2 may be the droid everyone recognises and the one that steals all the headlines, Chopper (or C1-10P if you want to use his more boring, official name) was just as much a hero. He served the likes of Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger in the animated series Star Wars Rebels and was a very cheeky, but very useful ally to have.

While he may have been a little clumsy and didn’t always do the right thing, this astromech’s heart was always in the right place (if he had a heart, that is). Chopper even made a sneaky little Star Wars cameo in the spin-off movie Rogue One too, which just makes him even cooler.

The best Star Wars droids: BB-8


And the award for cutest droid goes to… BB-8. It has to be, right? Whatever you may think about the sequel trilogy from Disney, they got a few things very, very right, and introducing this little ball of fun was definitely one of them.

Just like Artoo, BB-8 is incredibly loyal and genuinely a very caring little droid who doesn’t hesitate before jumping into the action to help save the likes of Rey Skywalker and Finn on Jakku. They say heroes come in all shapes and sizes, well this one is a tiny sphere and we would do anything for BB-8.

The best Star Wars droids: K-2SO


The great success of the Star Wars series Andor is all thanks to the titular character being established in the spin-off thriller movie Rogue One back in 2016. That story was all about the agents in the Rebellion who stole the plans to the Death Star and helped bring about the destruction of the Galactic Empire‘s greatest weapon. We know this guy is going to turn up in Andor season 2, and we can’t wait!

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But guess who was at the heart of that brave mission – that’s right a droid! K-2SO has bags of personality and is both funny and overtly serious at the same time. As a former Imperial droid that has been re-programmed, K-2SO has all the strength and skill you’d want in a killer droid, but has a heart of gold.

The best Star Wars droids: Battle droids

Battle droid

Not all droids can be heroes, and not all droids can be very good at their job either. But the army of battle droids from the prequel movies are oddly endearing in their own way.

While they may be serving the Dark Side of the Force, these guys are as simple as they come and are hardly very intimidating even if they are equipped with blasters. They miss their targets, they bump into each other, and they mindlessly shout “Roger, Roger,” but they’re a lot of fun to watch all the same.

So, those are the best Star Wars droids around. If you want more from Star Wars check out our guide to the Ahsoka release date or learn more about characters in the Andor cast like Mon Mothma, Luthen Rael, Dedra Meero, or Syril Karn.