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Yellowstone fans have figured out exactly how it’s all going to end

Yellowstone is one of the best TV series around, and while they wait for season 5 part 2 fans of the Western drama show have figured out how it's going to end.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone

If you don’t want to know how Yellowstone will end before it airs, then cover your eyes because Yellowstone fans have got it all figured out. You’ve had your warning.

When the Yellowstone season 5 part 2 release date finally arrives, it will mark the end of the show because Kevin Costner’s done playing John Dutton. The final Yellowstone episodes are expected to conclude the expansive story of one of the best TV series around today and will act as a farewell to the Yellowstone cast, too.

The big question is: what will the Yellowstone series ending look like? Will John Dutton die? Will Beth Dutton and Jamie Dutton get each other killed? What’ll happen to the Yellowstone ranch? Well, fans have been trying to figure it all out, and it looks like they’ve absolutely cracked it.

Taking to Reddit while we wait for the remaining episodes, one fan posted ‘What’s your guess on how the series ends?’ which generated a huge discussion with over 180 comments.

The first thing commenters agreed on was that a line of dialogue from the prequel series 1883 was going to be important. “Spotted Eagle (in 1883) promised that his people would take their land back after 7 generations of Duttons. So, that’s probably how the show ends. They either take it or it’s given back.”

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Another writer agreed, “John dies. That’s the only way the rest of this happens. Jaime uses his position to cede the ranch to the Rez; that’s the only way the ranch and the land doesn’t get gutted and the Duttons thrown on the street. The ranch and cattle land are still run by the Duttons and the ranch hands, giving them the home promised by the brand. The overall land is owned by the Rez, thus fulfilling the prophecy from 1883.”

Agreeing that the Yellowstone ranch would end up being annexed into the Broken Rock Reservation, another comment suggested, “John, Jamie, and Beth essentially kill each other off, Kayce inherits the ranch and immediately gives it back to the tribe seeing the agony it caused for his family.”

To be honest, we’re convinced. The idea that the Duttons will lose Yellowstone to Chief Rainwater seems inevitable, and it has been the primary struggle of the show since the very beginning. In particular, the theory that Kayce ends up in control and willingly gives it over would make sense with his character arc and his dual loyalties.

Of course, all this hinges on the idea that John Dutton will die which, given Costner wants out, looks like it might be the only option. But, even if it seems like the ending to Yellowstone is all but certain, we still can’t wait to see it all play out for real; there’ll undoubtedly be plenty of surprises left to come.

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