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Why did Ahsoka have Sith eyes?

Ahsoka Tano is one of the most heroic Star Wars characters in the entire galaxy, but she briefly had Sith eyes in the most recent Disney Plus episode. Uh-oh.

Ahsoka briefly has Sith eyes in her Star Wars series

Why did Ahsoka have Sith eyes? Eagle-eyed Star Wars fans noticed something significant in the newest episode of Ahsoka, hinting at potential future evil from our lightsaber-toting hero. We’ve got our fingers crossed, though, that she’s staying on the light side for now.

Ahsoka has provided Star Wars fans with their latest fix via Disney Plus, following on from the other Star Wars series of recent years. Rosario Dawson leads the Ahsoka cast and, in last week’s Ahsoka episode 5, one of the biggest Star Wars cast members returned as Hayden Christensen showed up to portray Anakin Skywalker again.

The episode saw two of the best Star Wars characters meet in the World Between Worlds and engage in a battle of both wits and lightsabers. At one point, Ahsoka’s eyes flashed a very familiar yellow color. So why did Ahsoka have Sith eyes and what could that mean for the future of Ahsoka Tano as the Star Wars movies in order continue?

Why did Ahsoka have Sith eyes?

Ahsoka had a brief flash of yellow Sith eyes while fighting Anakin, showing that she too could have given in to the Dark Side if she hadn’t made the choice to resist it. 

We associate these chilling yellow eyes with the best Star Wars villains, particularly those who have been seduced by the Sith. But we wouldn’t bet on our hero turning to the wrong side of the Force, especially now she’s wearing Ahsoka’s white robe in true Gandalf style.

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Ahsoka’s eyes turn yellow during her duel with Anakin specifically at a moment when she could potentially have “killed” Anakin and let anger take control of her. As we all know, anger is very much a trademark of the dark side. The fight in the World Between Worlds was really more ideological than physical.

If Ahsoka really wanted to survive to take on Grand Admiral Thrawn, she couldn’t allow her past to overwhelm her. Had she struck down her former master, she wouldn’t have emerged from the waters of Seatos. And we can’t have an Ahsoka show without Ahsoka, despite Disney’s best efforts to make a Boba Fett show without Boba Fett.

In short, this Sith eyes moment is Dave Filoni nodding at the fine line Ahsoka has always walked. She has never been a conventional Jedi, which definitely means she could have been susceptible to darkness. On this occasion, she made the right choice.

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