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Ahsoka just made a hidden Yoda reference, and you definitely missed it

Only the most keen-eared Star Wars fans will have spotted a very subtle homage to Yoda's most famous quote in the Ahsoka finale. Here's what you missed.

Ahsoka made a reference to Star Wars legend Yoda in its final episode

What is the hidden Yoda reference in Ahsoka? The new Star Wars series certainly hasn’t been short of nods to the past. Dave Filoni isn’t shy about working his way through the canon and picking out his favorite details for a sort of galaxy far, far away karaoke.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. Star Wars is a rich and fascinating saga with more history than you could possibly get just from watching the Star Wars movies in order. The Ahsoka cast has featured some of the best Star Wars characters old and new, but the final episode of the Star Wars series also included a very subtle reference to the iconic Yoda.

Just a week after we got a crowd-pleasing C3PO cameo, Dave Filoni gave fans a real treat if they were listening closely. So, what is the hidden Yoda reference in Ahsoka? There are some very mild spoilers for the final Ahsoka episode, which is new on Disney Plus, in this article.

What is the hidden Yoda reference in Ahsoka?

Sabine Wren nods to Yoda’s famous “do or do not, there is no try” line when discussing her Jedi training in the final episode of Ahsoka. 

During Luke Skywalker‘s Jedi training in the swamps of Dagobah in Empire Strikes Back (definitely among the best movies in this saga), Luke is struggling to lift his X-wing from the water. He tells Yoda he will try, to which the green master responds: “No, try not! Do or do not. There is no try.”

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This line has become one of Yoda’s most famous slices of wisdom and so it’s fitting that Sabine Wren got the chance to pay homage to that moment in the Ahsoka finale. Ahsoka Tano asks her apprentice if she has been keeping up on her Jedi training since they were separated, to which Sabine replies “I try” before laughing and hastily adding “I do, I do”.

We know that Ahsoka was trained in the traditional Jedi system, which means she will have received plenty of instruction from Yoda. Perhaps his dislike of the word “try” was present even then and it’s a lesson Ahsoka has passed down to her own Padawan.

Either way, it’s a really fun little nod to one of the best Star Wars scenes depicting a relationship between teacher and student.

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