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Where is Princess Leia in Ahsoka? Surprise [SPOILER] cameo explained

Ahsoka episode 7 treated Star Wars fans to a surprise cameo from a classic hero and gave us a welcome insight into the whereabouts of General Leia Organa.

Ahsoka featured a cameo from C3PO and a mention for Leia Organa

Where is Princess Leia in Ahsoka? Everything about Ahsoka so far has been designed to thrill the most devoted Star Wars fans. Ahsoka Tano herself is a fan-favorite and there have been cameos aplenty, as well as stories drawing from the hefty backstory of Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars.

Ahsoka’s latest episode, though, came with some even bigger names for Star Wars lovers. If you’ve watched the Star Wars movies in order as many times as we have, you’ll know that C3PO – one of the best Star Wars droids – was an ever-present throughout the best movies in the saga. He popped up in Ahsoka and even gave us a hint as to the whereabouts of Princess Leia, another of the best Star Wars characters.

You’ll still be reeling from the action and revelations of the Star Wars series‘ latest installment, so we’ve picked through the timeline to answer the big question: where is Princess Leia in Ahsoka? We know that someone as important as Leia will have plenty on her plate.

Where is Princess Leia in Ahsoka?

Princess Leia is the leader of the Defense Council for the New Republic at the time of Ahsoka.

We know that Ahsoka takes place around the year 9 ABY, which is just four years after the birth of Leia’s son, Ben Solo – aka Kylo Ren. This was several years before Ben went off to train with Luke Skywalker and began his slide to the dark side. Leia and Han Solo were living on Chandrila, homeworld of Mon Mothma, at this stage, though Han was off on his share of solo (sorry!) missions.

C3PO mentions in Ahsoka that Leia has the role of “Leader of the Defense Council” for the New Republic. Presumably that allows her plenty of time to zoom around the galaxy being awesome, as well as using her political clout to keep the peace in the nascent Republic.

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Why was C3PO in Ahsoka?

Princess Leia sent C3PO to represent her at the New Republic to avoid Hera getting a court-martial for assisting Ahsoka and Sabine with the mission to Seatos.

Regular C3PO actor Anthony Daniels returned for a crowd-pleasing appearance, making a dramatic entrance to a New Republic hearing into Hera’s conduct with the unapproved mission. The curmudgeonly Senator Xiono – either a secret Imperial or just a bit of an ass – had been agitating for a formal court-martial, until Threepio showed up.

C3PO brought a transcript from Leia, in which she claimed that she had approved Hera’s mission and was unaware that Xiono and the Senate had voted against it. Hera’s out of the woods, for now. After all, no one will question the words of a hero of Endor.

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