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Where is Baylan Skoll at the end of Ahsoka? The Mortis gods explained

Ahsoka has come to an end but the dark Jedi Baylan Skoll is on a mission involving the Mortis gods which we believe could change the Star Wars galaxy forever.

Baylan Skoll and the Mortis gods

Where is Baylan Skoll at the end of Ahsoka? Warning spoilers ahead for the Ahsoka finale. Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. Yes, Ahsoka, the latest Star Wars show on Disney Plus, is over and done.

Thankfully, Ahsoka creator and all-around Star Wars fanboy Dave Filoni has left us with plenty to think about following the finale (So don’t start rewatching all the Star Wars movies in order just yet). Will Ahsoka Tano and her apprentice make it back to their home galaxy? What’s Thrawn planning? Who was Talzin?

Of all the questions posed by the Star Wars series, the one we’re desperate to know more about is what our new favorite Star Wars villain, Baylan Skoll, is up to. The dark Jedi seems to be on his own path, and it looks like it involves the Mortis gods. So, to learn more about his plan ahead of a possible Ahsoka season 2, here’s everything the sacred texts could teach us about Baylan and the Mortis Gods.

Baylan Skoll in Ahsoka

Where is Baylan Skoll at the end of Ahsoka?

At the end of Ahsoka season 1, Baylan Skoll was left stranded in a galaxy far, far away (Not that one) on the planet Peridea, where he’s seemingly seeking the power of the Mortis gods.

But how did he get there? Well, ever since landing on the ancient homeworld of the Nightsisters, Baylan had felt something calling to him, a power he claimed was greater than even the Empire.

This ultimately led the fallen Jedi to abandon Thrawn and brought him to an unknown Peridean mountain range carved into the likeness of the Mortis gods. In the finale, we saw Baylan standing on these peaks while looking out across the mountains into the distance, as though whatever was calling to him was still out there somewhere.

The Star Wars Mortis gods explained

Who are the Mortis gods?

In the canon of the Star Wars universe, the Mortis Gods were three powerful force entities known as The Father, The Son, and The Daughter, who we meet in The Clone Wars’ third season.

Each member of the Mortis trio represented an aspect of The Force, with The Son and The Daughter essentially personifying the light side and the dark side of the Force, respectively. The Father, meanwhile, represented the balance between them. For the longest time, the trio lived in harmony in a secret dimension outside of our own.

However, over time The Father became aware he was growing weaker, and he sought out Anakin Skywalker to replace him as the new father. This didn’t go to plan, and ultimately all three of the Mortis gods were killed when The Son sought to overthrow his father.

In the real world, the Mortis Gods were created by Troy Denning for his Star Wars novel ‘Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse’, which was made non-canon when Disney bought Lucasfilm. Filoni simply brought the characters back for his animated series, and the characters share broadly the same background and abilities.

The statue of The Father in the Ahsoka finale

Could The Mortis gods return?

Despite the Mortis gods’ apparent deaths, Dave Filoni has continued to reference them in his Star Wars shows. Prior to their cameo in the Ahsoka finale, the trio appeared as a mural in Rebels and made a brief flashback appearance in the episode The World Between Worlds.

It seems likely, to us at least then, that Filoni has a fascination with The Mortis gods, and while they may not return physically, they’re clearly being set up to have a major role in whatever Baylon Skoll is planning. Just because The Father, The Son, and The Daughter won’t return doesn’t mean we can’t see The Mother.

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The Mother Abeloth explained

When we met Filoni’s Mortis gods in Clone Wars, there were only three of them, but in Denning’s original book, there was a fourth, known as Abeloth. This terrifying Force deity was sealed away by The Father, The Son, and The Daughter, but she returned to wreak havoc in the wake of the Galactic Empire’s destruction.

We wholeheartedly believe that Filoni is planning on bringing Abeltoh back for his movie and that Thrawn’s position as the big bad of that film will be usurped by this deadly Force god.

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