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Guardians of the Galaxy 4 release date speculation, cast, plot

All the news on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 release date, including cast list and potential plot details for the prospective new movie in the MCU.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol 4 release date: The original Guardians team

When is the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 release date? The Guardians of the Galaxy, the greatest heroes the universe has ever known (Or a bunch of A-Holes, depending on who you ask), seem to have gone their separate ways after the events of Vol 3.

Still, this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe we’re talking about, and the Guardians remain some of the most popular Marvel characters in the franchise. So, could the Guardians of the Galaxy cast assemble once again? Well, it’ll be tough, and James Gunn definitely won’t be there, but you can never say never.

Maybe this hypothetical film will have a new Guardians team, or maybe it will be a prequel and play havoc with our ‘How to watch the Marvel movies in order‘ guide by inserting itself somewhere earlier in the timeline. We don’t know, and we don’t like that feeling, so we’ve scoured the web to bring you everything we know about the potential Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 release date and where it may fit in the myriad of upcoming Marvel movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 release date speculation

As it stands, there is no Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 release date, and nothing has been confirmed by either Gunn or Marvel.

So far, there has been no mention of a fourth movie in the series, but the door has certainly been left open by the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 ending for there to be more. Plus, Gunn hasn’t directly turned down the idea of another Guardians movie — his only stipulation is that another one wouldn’t be part of the original trilogy.

“I don’t think there will ever be a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4,” Gunn said [via Esquire Middle East]. “There’s many reasons this group will not be back. There could be more Guardians movies, but it won’t be with this group.”

Making another Guardians adventure would not be easy. First of all, Marvel would need to find a new writer and director for the superhero movie as Gunn has moved on to the DCU now. Kevin Feige already has his plans for Marvel’s Phase 5, so a potential Guardians follow-up would be looking at a release in late 2026 at the earliest, once the Avengers Secret Wars release date is out the way.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 release date: Mantis, Groot, and Star-Lord, and Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 cast speculation

We suspect the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 cast would include Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Will Poulter, Sean Gunn, and Maria Bakalova.

At the end of Guardians 3, the original team has split up after defeating High Evolutionary, and the new Guardians of the Galaxy team now consists of Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Adam Warlock, Kraglin, and Cosmo the Spacedog.

There’s a chance we could see the original Guardians of the Galaxy cast, including the likes of Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan, Dave Bautista, and Pom Klementieff, but their respective characters are off on their own side quests when we last saw them, so it’s not certain they would return.

Here’s the expected Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 cast list:

  • Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket Raccoon
  • Vin Diesel as the voice of Groot
  • Will Poulter as Adam Warlock
  • Sean Gunn as Kraglin
  • Maria Bakalova as the voice of Cosmo

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 release date: Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 plot speculation

At the time of writing, there is no official word on a potential Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 plot, but we think it would revolve around a space-travelling adventure with the new Guardians.

After the post-credit scene in the latest installment, the characters are at a crossroads, and there’s now a blank canvas upon which a new story could be carved out.

We suspect any ideas for a potential sequel would involve lots of intergalactic adventures and helping out the little guys in the universe. There would need to be a new Marvel villain introduced, of course, and if there is a plan to bring in Galactus with the Fantastic Four MCU release date, we could see Korvac introduced to connect the dots between the Guardians and Marvel’s first family.

Korvac gets his powers from Galactus’ ship and ranks as one of the most prominent and powerful Guardians villains in the comic books.

As is customary, there would probably be an increased focus on one of the Guardians, too. The likelihood is Adam Warlock would be explored in more detail as he continues his journey of self-discovery now he’s become a hero.

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Is there a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 trailer?

There is no Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 trailer since the movie hasn’t even been greenlit yet.

Production hasn’t started on the project, and no plans are in place for that to happen any time soon. So, in the meantime, enjoy a clip from the 2023 movie below, just to remind yourself of all the good times we had.

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Where can I watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4?

There is no way to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 right now, and we’ll have to wait until the project is announced and filmed before we’ll be able to watch it in theaters. 

The film has not even been announced, never mind-wrapped shooting. If and when it does, you’ll be heading to the cinema to watch it before being able to catch it on the streaming service Disney Plus at home.

Until then, here are the details on when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is streaming. Plus, you might be curious if there is a post-credit scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Staying on trend, here’s why Dave Bautista is the best wrestler turned actor and why the High Evolutionary is the most hateable Marvel villain or a guide on The Marvels release date.

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