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The 17 best Fast and Furious characters, ranked

Start your engines, because our list of the best Fast and Furious characters has all the top heroes and villains from Vin Diesel's ever-growing franchise.

Best Fast and Furious characters

Who are the best Fast and Furious characters? There’s nothing slow and steady about the blockbuster engine Vin Diesel has cultivated over the last 20 years, a force that consistently goes from strength to strength.

The Fast and Furious journey began back in 2001, giving us one of the best action movies of the decade with a plot involving stolen DVD players. Since then, the franchise has evolved over time into something far more eclectic. However, one fact remains: the Fast and Furious cast always delivers. So, let’s honor the players in some of the best movies around; below is our list of the top Fast and Furious characters of all time.

Best Fast and Furious characters: Gal Gadot as Gisele Yashar

17. Gisele Yashar

Portrayed by Gal Gadot, Gisele Yashar made a big impression when she was first introduced in Fast & Furious. From the get-go, she showed us that she’s a woman you don’t want to mess with, can handle a fight, and knows her way around plenty of vehicles too. But what truly makes her stand out is her complicated history.

She has worked for crime lords, had a globe-trotting romance, and has sacrificed herself multiple times. Throughout the franchise, Gisele is in a battle with her morals and has one of the most exciting journeys to watch. Gisele is also one of those characters who is so good they were brought back from the dead. That is right (spoilers), but she is confirmed to be alive, despite the events of Fast and Furious 6 – and honestly, we are thrilled.

Ludacris as Tej Parker in Fast and Furious

16. Tej Parker

Tej is the bucket of cold water to Roman Pearce’s frantic flame. The two often butt heads in a brotherly way, and Tej, in general, is a very cool figure.

Tej is a tech expert, mechanic, and former street racer in Miami. Later, he became a member of Dom’s Crew when he was recruited to steal money from Hernan Reyes. He’s been in every movie since, providing technical backup for the crew’s missions and generally getting on Roman’s nerves.

Best Fast and Furious characters - John Cena as Jakob Toretto

15. Jakob Toretto

John Cena effectively played two versions of Dom’s long-lost brother Jakob Toretto in his pair of Fast movies. In Fast 9, he was the arch-villain of the piece, chasing MacGuffins and shooting at people while wearing the most stoic of facial expressions. He was a total nightmare, and, to be brutally honest, he was kind of boring.

Then, after a face turn his wrestling persona would be proud of, he became a total goofball in Fast X. And you know what? We loved him for it. Cena is a comedy genius, and we absolutely fell head over heels for Jakob in his attempts to protect little Brian.

We just hope that climactic fireball wasn’t the end for him. Death is very rarely permanent in these movies.

Best Fast and Furious characters - Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey

14. Ramsey

You’ll probably know Nathalie Emmanuel best as a member of the Game of Thrones cast, but she joined the Fast and Furious franchise with a bang in Furious 7 as the computer expert behind the all-powerful God’s Eye software. As is the way of things, she was a full member of the team by the end of that movie.

Since then, she has become a terrific sparring partner for both Roman and Tej, adding yet another comic element to offset all of the bald men growling. That’s not to mention how capable she is in the action sequences.

And the best thing about her? She can’t really drive. It might be that she’s in the totally wrong franchise, but that’s what makes her brilliant.

Best Fast and Furious characters - Michelle Rodriguez as Letty

13. Letty Ortiz

Dom Toretto would be nothing without his right-hand woman. Letty, played so brilliantly by Michelle Rodriguez, is not just the love of Dom’s life; she’s his most valuable ally when the shit hits the fan.

Like many of the characters on this list, she’s had her fake-out death, and we thought we’d lost her. But now she’s back and helping Dom to parent his child, while taking occasional breaks to kick all kinds of butt and save the world, of course.

Best Fast and Furious characters - Charlize Theron as Cipher

12. Cipher

Charlize Theron as a nefarious hacker? Hell yeah. Cipher first appeared in Fast and Furious 8 and has been popping up as an antagonist ever since. She’s guilty as charged for being the baddie that really made the franchise jump the shark with world-threatening hijinks, but we forgive her.

Recently, in Fast X, Letty begrudgingly allows her to tag along with her when they both end up imprisoned. We expect Cipher to stick around in Fast 11 because she’s still with Letty at the end of Fast 10.

Best Fast and Furious characters - Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes

11. Dante Reyes

He’s Dante, enchante, and he’s the best bad guy in the Fast and Furious franchise. Yeah, we said it. Is it bad that we love him despite his flaws?

Brought to life by Jason Momoa, Dante is determined to take revenge on Dom after the death of his father in Fast 5. He’s psychotic and flamboyant in all the right ways and scratches that ‘literally just a bad guy’ itch. There’s no nuance, and when it comes to Fast and Furious, that’s exactly how we like it.

After Fast X, Dante will return for what could be the final showdown with Dom for the Fast and Furious 11 release date. Expect more lavender cars, painted nails, charisma, and death.

Fast and Furious characters ranked: Vanessa Kirby as Hattie Shaw

10. Hattie Shaw

The Shaw family is a who’s-who of badass Brits, and while her big brother Deckard arguably rules the roost, Hattie Shaw is perhaps the most fierce female in the whole Fast and Furious franchise. Admittedly, women don’t often get a chance to shine in this series, but Hattie very nearly steals the show in the Hobbs and Shaw spin-off movie.

Hattie is ultimately one of a very elite club of people who can say they faced Idris Elba’s super-human Brixton and walked away, not to mention holding her own when coming up against Luke Hobbs, too. If a Hobbs and Shaw sequel does indeed materialize as we expect it to, we sincerely hope Vanessa Kirby has a part to play again.

Fast and Furious characters ranked: Kurt Russell as Mr Nobody

9. Mr. Nobody

When Kurt Russell shows up, you just know he’s always going to deliver. And, as the mysterious Mr. Nobody, he does just that. He’s super-cool, enigmatic, and charming, as Russell often is. And, of course, he has access to an insane arsenal of technology, weapons, and impressive vehicles. What’s not to love?

Mr. Nobody is a powerful man who can make things happen. He regularly brings the team together, and he even manages to turn sworn enemies into trusted allies. Since his arrival in Furious 7, it’s hard to imagine quite how the gang would have succeeded if it wasn’t for this man.

Particular praise is also needed for Mr. Nobody’s handling of his protégé, Little Nobody, whose frustratingly rigid adherence to the rules is softened over time by the nonchalant guidance of his master.

Fast and Furious characters ranked: Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw

8. Deckard Shaw

One of the Fast and Furious franchise’s main issues is that many of its best movie villains can actually be quite bland and forgettable. Enter, Deckard Shaw! When Jason Statham joins the series as the dastardly Deckard, we finally have a memorable bad guy who not only poses a real threat to the Toretto crew but also brings a screen presence to rival the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Diesel.

Indeed, Shaw’s great rivalry with Johnson’s Hobbs is one of the series’ most valuable assets, and it’s not surprising that the enemies-turned-brothers earned their own spin-off movie together. Deckard is skillful and smart, but most importantly, you just know he’s enjoying every moment of his arse-kicking escapades. Roll on the Hobbs and Shaw 2 release date.

Fast and Furious characters ranked: Elena Neves

7. Elena Neves

While she may not have a huge part to play in terms of actual screen time, it has to be said Elena Neves’ impact on the Fast and Furious franchise is huge. Between fighting the good fight as a dedicated officer of the law and helping out the Toretto team whenever she can, Elena is also a key figure in setting up one of the most shocking plot twists in the whole series.

Elena is a severely underrated character who sacrifices so much for the cause. Not only does she step aside and allow Dom to reunite with Letty, despite being pregnant with his child, but she also pays the ultimate price when she dies at the hands of Cipher in order to protect little baby Brian Toretto.

The best Fast and Furious characters: Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs

6. Luke Hobbs

It’s no coincidence that the best Fast and Furious movie is the first one where Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shows up, with the fifth installment of the franchise introducing us to the man mountain Luke Hobbs.

The actor’s undeniable star quality shines through immediately, and he really helps to elevate the series with his commanding screen presence and action-packed prowess. Not to mention his unforgettable line delivery of “give me the veggies.”

Although he initially begins his Fast journey trying to stop the Toretto clan, Hobbs soon develops immense respect for Dom. Whether the two are going blow for blow or hitting each other with a wisecrack, their chemistry is a real highlight of the franchise’s later movies. This may be Vin Diesel’s gig, but Fast Five is definitely one of the best Dwayne Johnson movies, that’s for sure.

Fast and Furious characters ranked: Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce

5. Roman Pearce

First introduced in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Roman Pearce immediately transforms this high-octane series with a vibe straight out of the best comedy movies. His boisterous energy, brilliant rapport with pretty much everyone he meets, and inch-perfect line delivery offer fantastic entertainment value.

Roman, or ‘Rome’ as he is affectionately referred to by his old friend Brian, may have an insatiable need for food, but he doesn’t always have the same hunger for a heist, seemingly being the only one who calls out the craziness of some of the gang’s plans.

He would clearly much prefer a life of comfort and luxury, but he just can’t help himself when the Toretto crew comes calling, returning time and time again to help out his buddies when they need him the most.

Fast and Furious characters ranked: Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto

4. Mia Toretto

She may be Dom’s little sister, but Mia Toretto certainly does more than enough to stand as one of the best Fast and Furious characters in her own right. While she may not be at the heart of the action all the time in the best thriller movies the series has to offer, Mia’s development from not being able to drive to being a key part of many a heist and escape mission is brilliant fun to watch.

Often a calming influence and the voice of reason, Mia is the person who brings out the best in both her brother and Brian O’Conner. Mia is arguably the most grounded character in the franchise and, as such, the most relatable, giving her journey great emotional weight.

Fast and Furious characters ranked: Sang Kung as Han Seoul-Oh

3. Han Seoul-oh

First introduced in one of the worst movies of the whole series, Tokyo Drift, Han managed to be, by far and away, the best thing to come from that particular movie and cemented his place as one of the best Fast and Furious characters.

It’s a shame Han seemingly dies in Tokyo, but thankfully, he appears again in the next few installments in the series, which are set before the events of the ill-fated third movie. And he even comes back from the dead with a spectacular return in Fast and Furious 9.

Effortlessly cool, calm, and collected, Han never seems to be fazed by the insane situations unfolding around him. Plus, his character’s name is Han Seoul-Oh, which is the coolest reference to the Star Wars movies ever, so he gets bonus points for that!

Fast and Furious characters ranked: Paul Walker as Brian O'Conner

2. Brian O’Conner

The late Paul Walker and his character, Brian O’Conner, are almost as synonymous with the best Vin Diesel movies in this franchise as Dom. The cop-turned-criminal brings all the charm and, right from the first movie, instantly wins over audiences and, indeed, the Toretto clan (well, most of them).

The character goes on a turbulent journey throughout the series, ultimately choosing the loyalty of the Toretto family and everything they stand for, abandoning his career with the LAPD. A large part of this decision, of course, is down to Mia and the beautiful relationship they share, which really makes you root for O’Conner.

From the moment he facilitates Dom’s escape at the end of The Fast and The Furious to the pair’s emotional farewell in Furious 7, Paul Walker’s legacy in this franchise will live on forever, and his enduring friendship with Dom is one of the series’ most delightful elements.

Fast and Furious characters ranked: Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto

1. Dominic Toretto

All Dom wants to do is live life a quarter mile at a time, admire some bodywork, and spend time with his family. Sure, he might break a few laws in the process, but we won’t hold that against him. Dominic Toretto is fearless, loyal, and always one step ahead of everyone else around him.

His high-stakes, hare-brained schemes may sometimes sound crazy, and they do, on occasion, put those closest to him in danger, but more often than not, Dom’s bravery and ability to get out of any sticky situation is usually enough to keep the team out of the clutches of the law.

Long before he became everyone’s favorite tree in the MCU, Vin Diesel helped to spawn one of the most successful franchises in cinematic history. If it weren’t for Dom, there would be no Fast and Furious movies, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

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