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The 10 best Fast and Furious cars, ranked by coolness

Whether it's Dom Toretto or his family at the wheel, the best Fast and Furious cars have us falling madly in love with their four-wheeled beauty and brawn.

Best Fast and Furious cars - Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto and more

What are the best Fast and Furious cars, ranked? Dom Toretto would be nothing without his “family”. But he’d also be nothing without his cars. Whether he’s at the wheel or somebody else, the core of the Fast and Furious movies is the screech of skidding tires and the stench of putrid exhaust smoke. Not great for the environment, but terrific for action movie fans.

We know that Fast and Furious fanatics have strong opinions about the most extravagant cars we see across this franchise. So we’ve been through the Fast and Furious movies in order for the millionth time and focused on the high-speed behemoths driven by the Fast and Furious cast. Here’s the pick of the bunch, and we wish we could afford to drive them. Mind you, we wouldn’t want to see the insurance premiums.

What are the 10 best Fast and Furious cars?

  1. Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
  2. Gurkha LAPV
  3. Mitsubishi Eclipse
  4. DeLorean Alpha5
  5. Ford GT40
  6. Toyota Supra
  7. Chevrolet Impala
  8. Lykan HyperSport
  9. Mazda RX-7
  10. Dodge Charger

Best Fast and Furious cars - Nissan Skyline

10. Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (2 Fast 2 Furious)

Brian O’Conner is one of the best Fast and Furious characters and took center stage in 2 Fast 2 Furious, with Vin Diesel out of the picture. He proved his street racing credentials early on in the movie, and he did it behind the wheel of a gorgeous Nissan Skyline.

The car has a seriously powerful engine under the hood and, with the help of some well-deployed nitrous oxide by Brian, it manages to literally leap over the top of the competition. Brian was cooler than cool, and his Skyline told that story better than more or less any other car he drove in the franchise.

Best Fast and Furious cars - Hobbs and the Gurkha LAPV

9. Gurkha LAPV (Fast Five)

Fast Five is one of the best movies from the Fast franchise, and that’s thanks in no small part to the introduction of Dwayne Johnson as the goliath law enforcement officer Luke Hobbs. He went toe-to-toe with Diesel throughout the film, before ultimately ending up on the same side as our speed demon heroes.

Obviously, someone as gargantuan and important as Hobbs couldn’t drive just any car. He wouldn’t be seen dead in your nan’s minivan. So naturally, they chose to put Hobbs behind the wheel of an undeniably awesome armored military vehicle. Perfect. They could smell what The Rock was cookin’.

Best Fast and Furious cars - Brian's Mitsubishi Eclipse

8. Mitsubishi Eclipse (The Fast and the Furious)

Another of Brian’s beloved vehicles, the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse features in one of the franchise’s first street races. Brian pushes the poor thing, referred to simply as the “green car”, a little too hard in an attempt to best Dom.

While it doesn’t have the most glamorous racing record in the franchise, this car serves as a great early primer on who Brian is and it very much set the tone for the sort of cars he would continue to love throughout the series. As the franchise has become bigger and bigger, the nostalgic love for Brian’s green car has only grown.

Best Fast and Furious cars - Cipher's DeLorean Alpha5

7. DeLorean Alpha5 (Fast X)

You’d be forgiven for forgetting this one completely. The DeLorean Alpha5 appears in just a single scene of the latest Fast movie – check out our Fast X review for more – but it makes a very big impression. The villainous Cipher drives the car to Dom’s door after she has been badly beaten by Jason Momoa’s Dante and his goons.

Just a prototype when it appeared on screen, it’s one of several electric vehicles depicted in the newest movie. When even Dom Toretto is going green, you know the climate crisis is severe. We hope to get even more of a look at the DeLorean in some of the new movies on the way. With Cipher at the wheel, the possibilities are endless for this one.

Best Fast and Furious cars - Ford GT40 in Fast Five

6. Ford GT40 (Fast Five)

Mia Toretto doesn’t always get the best of the franchise when it comes to driving and the character often feels a bit peripheral to the action. But during the train robbery at the start of Fast Five, Mia got very lucky indeed when she hopped behind the wheel of a truly stunning Ford GT40.

In the real world, the GT40 won Le Mans four times in the 1960s, so it’s a car with a clear pedigree. But its fate on screen was less prestigious, given it was ripped apart in order to find a computer chip within. It’s a terrible waste if you ask us!

Best Fast and Furious cars - Brian's Toyota Supra

5. Toyota Supra (The Fast and the Furious)

The orange Toyota Supra plays a big role in the first Fast movie, with Brian and Dom sealing their friendship by restoring the vehicle after the destruction of the aforementioned Mitsubishi Eclipse. In 2021, the orange Supra from the original movie sold at auction for more than $500,000. We had a look down the back of the couch just in case, but we don’t have that kind of money.

As a nod to the importance of this brightly-colored classic, Brian drives away in a 1995 Toyota Supra Mark IV during his final scene in Furious 7. That car, incidentally, was owned by the late Paul Walker.

Best Fast and Furious cars - Dante's Chevrolet Impala

4. Chevrolet Impala (Fast X)

Played with flamboyant gusto by a never-better Jason Momoa, Dante immediately cemented himself as one of the best movie villains of 2023 when he arrived in Fast X. And such a fashion-forward guy has to drive a fashion-forward car. At one point, he drives a cherry red Ford Fairlane, but we particularly love his purple Chevy Impala.

It’s a delightfully over-the-top car for a delightfully over-the-top character and, crucially, it also has enough modifications to hold its own in a street race. For a Fast and Furious vehicle, then, it ticks all the boxes.

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3. Lykan HyperSport (Furious 7)

Many of the most extravagant cars in the Fast and Furious franchise meet less-than-extravagant fates. After all, the guys behind the wheel aren’t bothered about resale value. That’s fortunate because, if they knew how much money they’d wasted by jumping the Lykan HyperSport between UAE skyscrapers, they’d lose their minds.

Only seven HyperSports were ever produced. Want one? Better make sure you’ve got $3m lying around somewhere. It’s a truly opulent vehicle, with gold trim on the seating and jewels embedded in the headlights, not to mention an estimated 245 mph top speed. One of the seven is now owned by the Abu Dhabi Police.

Best Fast and Furious cars - Han's Mazda RX-7

2. Mazda RX-7 (The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift)

Han is arguably the coolest of all of the Fast and Furious characters, so it makes sense that his most famous wheels would appear very high up on this ranking. Japanese company VeilSide built the orange-and-black beauty of a Mazda that Han drives during Tokyo Drift, right up until his tragic demise. Well, it was tragic at the time.

Han is an avatar of cool, and so is his car. With its standout colors and an impressive array of aftermarket modifications, it deserves a place among the coolest Fast and Furious machines.

Best Fast and Furious cars - Dom Toretto's Dodge Charger

1. Dodge Charger (multiple movies)

Dom Toretto is as intimately linked to his various Dodge Chargers as Thor is to Mjolnir, Harry Potter is to his wand, and Batman is to brooding about his parents. It’s one of the greatest bonds between man and machine on the big screen.

Dom has driven all sorts of Chargers across the franchise – including an electric version in Fast X – but he remains committed to Dodge and the company’s uniquely brutal arsenal of true American muscle cars. And when you look as good behind the wheel of one of these vehicles as Dom does, it’s very hard to argue.

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