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The Witcher cast – who are the stars of the Netflix series?

Toss a coin to our guide on The Witcher cast and find out where the stars of the Netflix series have been spotted before and after the fantasy series.

The Witcher cast: Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia

Who are the stars of The Witcher cast? Videogame and fantasy fans love this epic interpretation of Geralt of Rivia’s story, and we’re here to help identify the main players.

The Witcher was arguably one of the first videogame TV series adaptations that really cracked the transition from gameplay to streaming service. Thanks to Netflix, fans of the original RPG game have been treated to two seasons of the fantasy series, plus a spin-off, and The Witcher season 3 release date is on the way, too.

That third season will be the final time we see Henry Cavill in The Witcher cast, so let’s get to know the rest of the gang before their time is up, too.

The Witcher cast: Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia

When he’s not busy scouring the Continent as Geralt, Cavill is best known for his work as Clark Kent/Kal-El in the recent run of Superman movies. He played the ultimate hero across five DC movies in total, including the Black Adam post-credit scene. Unfortunately, his time in the superhero movie world appears to be over now, though.

Aside from fighting an array of DC villains, Cavill has appeared in the spy movie The Man From UNCLE, played the movie villain in the latest Mission Impossible movie, and was also part of the Enola Holmes detective movies.

The Witcher cast: Anya Chalotra as Yennefer

Anya Chalotra as Yennefer

Cavill’s co-star in the Netflix series has actually done very little outside of The Witcher. Chalotra has appeared in a handful of TV series including Sherwood and Wanderlust. On the horizon, Chalotra will be part of the voice cast for the upcoming Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas release date.

The Witcher cast: Freya Allen as Ciri

Freya Allen as Ciri

Similarly to Anya Chalotra, Freya Allen’s big break was in The Witcher. Alongside this role, the actor has been in various short films and drama series like The Third Day. In the future, Allen will be part of the cast for the new movie from the Planet of the Apes franchise, when the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes release date comes around.

The Witcher cast: Joey Batey as Jaskier

Joey Batey as Jaskier

Joey Batey has done a little more work than the other members of the supporting cast in The Witcher, though is still relatively inexperienced in the grand scheme of things. He’s appeared briefly in thriller series In the Dark, the sci-fi series War of the Worlds, and the comedy series Mount Pleasant. Batey currently has no other projects on the horizon.

That’s all for the main figures in The Witcher cast, but we do know that Liam Hemsworth will be replacing Cavill after season 3. Check out our interview with Joey Batey where he discusses that situation.

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