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Is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon streaming? How to watch the TV series

TWD is back, this time with Norman Reedus' badass Daryl Dixon leading the cast list. Chomp down on how to watch the zombie series and where it's streaming.

Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon streaming? TWD has a new lease on life. Or, the husk of a life, at least… appropriate for a universe about the undead. But enough musings about what being alive actually is, we’ll leave that to Norman Reedus.

Now The Walking Dead‘s longest-serving character, Daryl Dixon finds himself in France in this spin-off, encouraging the wrath of a growing tyrannical crusade in Paris and putting a child at the center of a religious movement at risk.

With slivers of The Walking Dead cast veteran Melissa McBride and new additions to the world (Clémence Poésy fans, stand up!), this series is proof that while there might not be a The Walking Dead season 12, this franchise refuses to die, no matter how many times you might try to put a bullet into its zombified brain. But is it on any of the best streaming services? Here’s how to watch The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.

Where can I watch The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon?

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on the AMC cable network starting from September 10, 2023. It also is available on AMC Plus to stream.

The series has now had its premiere, so if you were hungry for more TWD, the wait is over.

Norman Reedus and Louis Puech Scigliuzzi as Laurent in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon streaming?

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon streams on Sundays following the September 10, 2023, premiere on the AMC Plus app, which is also available as an add-on on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

Check your preferred streaming hub to see if you can access it. If you prefer to use live TV services, Sling TV and Philo are two options the AMC channel is included with. With those, you get the best of both worlds and can access the best TV series on cable networks even if you’re a cutter.

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Is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon on Netflix?

Daryl Dixon is not on Netflix, and likely won’t be in the near future. You’ll find The Walking Dead spin-off on AMC Plus instead or on the AMC channel.

If you’re Netflix-only, don’t despair, we’ve got a list of the best Netflix series to keep you company. TWD has ended up on the service in the past, but that was generally before AMC Plus came out.

Is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon on Disney Plus?

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon isn’t on Disney Plus because it streams on AMC Plus instead.

There are plenty of great Disney Plus shows available for those of you who subscribe to the service. You can use our link above to sign up for Disney Plus if you’d like. Hey, look, more bikes and leather jackets! How did you know, Disney?

And you can always check our new on Disney Plus guide to keep updated on any undead action on its way. Marvel Zombies, anyone?

Clémence Poésy Isabelle Carriere iin The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon on Amazon Prime Video?

The Walking Dead spin-off Daryl Dixon is not streaming on Amazon Prime Video for free, but you can purchase episodes on Amazon.

Click here to go to the page where you can pick between buying single episodes as they become available or purchasing the entire season on Amazon.

You can sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial if you’d like to see what else is available, though.

Romain Levi as Stephane in The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon

Is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon on Blu-ray?

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon isn’t available on Blu-Ray right now, but we think it’s likely to get a physical release at some point.

There are Blu-Rays for past seasons of The Walking Dead as well as Fear the Walking Dead, so with the same network at the wheel, we imagine Daryl will follow suit. You can keep an eye out for any news on Blu-Ray.com.

Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon and Lukerya Ilyashenko Anna Valery in The Walking Dead

There are your viewing options, but for more streaming, feel free to peruse what’s new on Amazon Prime Video and what’s new on Max. We’ve also got the Fear the Walking Dead season 8 release schedule to keep up to date with. And if you’re also big on Negan’s spin-off, you’ll be pleased to hear that both Dead City and Daryl Dixon have been renewed for season 2.

Away from TV, we’ve got all the new movies coming as well as the best zombie movies to bite into.