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Taylor Sheridan “always” wanted his darkest movie to become a trilogy

Aside from Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan has actually written some of the best movies of the last decade, and he always had plans to make one of them a trilogy.

Taylor Sheridan in Yellowstone, and a shot from the movie Sicario

You probably know him as the man behind Yellowstone, but Taylor Sheridan has also been the scribe for some of the best films of recent years. There could be more coming, too. When it comes to his finest work, Sicario, the plan was always to create a trilogy within that world.

Taylor Sheridan is pretty much the king of the world right now. He holds the keys to one of the best TV series of the modern era in Yellowstone, and let’s just say, the Yellowstone timeline is not slowing down anytime soon. Before he was dominating the small screen, however, Sheridan actually penned the scripts for three of the best movies of the 2010s.

Between Sicario, Hell or High Water, and Wind River, you’ll find some of the best Westerns of the modern era among Sheridan’s writing credits. Sicario, the best Taylor Sheridan movie, got a sequel in 2018, and now there are talks of a Sicario 3 release date on the horizon.

In a piece from The Hollywood Reporter, the team behind the Black Label Media production company have been discussing their work with one of the best actors of all time, Benicio del Toro as they prepare for the release of their new movie, Reptile. As part of that discussion, the topic of Sicario 3 came up.

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The “trilogy capper” is on the way as soon as the 2023 Writers Strike is resolved, apparently. “We’re very close. It’s one of the projects where we’re ready to put the train on the tracks as soon as the strike ends and our path is cleared. So we’re very excited to get that whole band back together,” explained Molly Smith, of the Black Label group.

“Taylor [Sheridan] always envisioned it as a trilogy, so we have to close it out right. There’s no point in making it unless we can do justice to the true fans of Sicario,” she added.

Obviously, Sheridan is busy trying to salvage Yellowstone season 5 part 2, while also making sure the Yellowstone 6666 release date goes without a hitch. But, it’s good to know that his original vision for one of the best thriller movies of all time will be realized with Sicario 3.

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