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Sicario 3 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more news

It's only a matter of time before the Sicario 3 release date arrives, as one of the best thrillers of the 2010s finally gets a threequel.

Sicario 3 release date: Emily Blunt as Kate Mercer in front of Sicario poster

What is the Sicario 3 release date? With an Oscar-nominated first entry and a box office flop for a sequel, the Sicario movies have seen some ups and downs. But if we can agree on one thing, it’s that a third film wouldn’t go amiss.

The Taylor Sheridan-penned Sicario was easily one of the best movies of 2015 (and one of the best thriller movies of the decade), introducing us to the heart-thumping story of an FBI agent tasked with taking down a brutal leader of a Mexican drug cartel. After receiving tons of awards, Sicario: Day of the Soldado arrived soon after, but was only a moderate success critically and a flop commercially. Forget all that though, because Sicario 3 looks set to be a grand return to form. Here’s what we know.

What is the Sicario 3 release date?

Sicario 3 looks set to release in 2025, so long as the Actors Strike is resolved by in the near future.

This expectation is based on the fact that, as of November 2023, the script is nearly finished. “The strike slowed us down a little bit, but we’re pretty close to being able to pull the trigger on that and really start lining up dates,” said producer Trent Trent Luckinbill, speaking with Collider.

“We’re super proud of it. Working with Taylor [Sheridan, who wrote the previous two movies], we always sort of envisioned this, at least sort of at a minimum, a three-part thing.” That means filming should commence in 2024, with a 2025 release date then looking realistic. Having said that, no official announcement has been made yet, and Sicario 3 could arrive as late as 2026 if progress takes a bit longer.

This will also depend on how quickly the project can find a director. In the same interview with Collider, the producers confirmed that Taylor Sheridan was involved again in some capacity, and that Christopher McQuarrie is also working on the film in a mainly unknown capacity. Either would work brilliantly as a director.

Sicario 3 release date: the FBI putting on their gear in Sicario

Who will be in the Sicario 3 cast?

It looks like Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro will be back as Matt Graver and Alejandro Gillick, respectively, with Emily Blunt also set to return to the cast after skipping Day of the Soldado.

Speaking with Collider, producers Molly Smith and Trent Luckinbill confirmed the news.  “Our idea is to get the cast back together with Benicio, Emily, and Josh, and we’ve got a great story to tell… Everyone sort of knows the framework of the story and is very excited to, hopefully, get our shooting draft in order very soon.”

Aside from that main trio, the rest of the potential cast list for the new movie is a bit of a blur. At the end of the last movie, it seemed like Miguel Hernandez, played by Elijah Rodriguez, would have a follow-up story. So he may pop up in the sequel. Similarly, Isabela Moner, who played Isabel Reyes, was a standout in Day of the Soldado, so fans want to see her return too, we suspect.

Here is the potential Sicario 3 cast list:

  • Benicio del Toro as Alejandro Gillick
  • Emily Blunt as Kate Mercer
  • Josh Brolin as Matt Graver
  • Elijah Rodriguez as Miguel Hernandez
  • Isabela Moner as Isabel Reyes

Sicario 3 release date: a masked cartel member with a gun

What will Sicario 3 be about?

The plot synopsis for Sicario 3 hasn’t been revealed yet, but based on the events of the last movie, it seems like the next chapter in the story will follow the apprenticeship of Miguel Hernandez, as well as the return of Kate Mercer.

At the end of Day of the Soldado, we saw Alejandro Gillick approach Miguel and hint at offering the young gang member a mentorship. In that case, Sicario 3 will explore the two’s relationship as they make their way through the cartel’s chain of command. With Emily Blunt returning, her character Kate Mercer will be getting involved in the story once again too (reluctantly, we assume, after the events of the first movie).

From the film’s title, Sicario: Capos, we know that our heroes will be going after the big dogs of the criminal organization this time around. Done are the days of dealing with Soldados (soldiers). Capos are the bosses of the cartel, so expect more action and bloody shootouts.

Sicario 3 release date: a FBI agent getting out a black car in Sicario

Is there a trailer for Sicario 3?

While Sicario 3 has been in development for years, there is no trailer for the film as it hasn’t entered production yet. With that in mind, we suspect a first teaser won’t be released until at least 2025.

Unfortunately, it isn’t clear when filming will kick off since no director is attached to the project, and a cast list hasn’t been confirmed either. We are hopeful that this will change, though, and that 2024 will finally be the year it enters production in earnest. If that’s the case, after post-production, we think early 2025 is a reasonable time to expect the first trailer. While we wait for footage to drop, revisit one of the best Sicario scenes below.

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Where can I watch Sicario 3?

You will be able to watch Sicario 3 in theaters once it is released. In the meantime, Sicario 1 and 2 are available on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

After its run in theaters, we suspect that Sicario 3 will follow the same pattern as its predecessors and end up on VOD services. Keep your eyes on this guide as we add more news.

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