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Succession season 4 ending explained

We need some time to recover from the Succession season 4 ending, but if you want to go over anything that happened in the drama series finale, we've got you.

Succession ending explained: Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy in Succession

What happens in the Succession season 4 ending? We can’t quite believe our favorite TV show has actually ended, but here we are. While we mourn the conclusion of the Roy story, here’s a breakdown of everything that happened in the finale.

Ever since Succession first aired in 2018, we’ve been obsessed with the journey of the Roy family and the Waystar Royco company. With each passing Succession episode, various twists and turns have had us second guessing which Succession character would come out on top in the corporate food chain. We did our best to predict how Succession would end, but let’s see how things actually played out.

If you missed anything in Succession season 4 episode 10, or just want to relive the chaos once more, we’re here for you, and our Succession season 4 ending explained guide has all you need. Warning, spoilers ahead!

What happens in the Succession season 4 ending?

In a nutshell, the GoJo deal is pushed through and Tom Wambsgans becomes the new CEO of Waystar, leaving Kendall, Shiv, and Roman with no stake in the business.

As the board heads in to submit their votes, it appears the sibling trifecta will win the day after uniting behind Kendall. However, once they get in the room, and with the votes tied at six for and six against, Shiv has a change of heart.

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The siblings go into a room together and thrash out their concerns, with the Succession cast once again proving itself as one of the best to ever grace the small screen. The fact that Kendall killed someone at Shiv’s wedding is brought up and the trio get very heated, leading to Kendall physically attacking Roman.

Ultimately, the damage is done and Shiv votes in favor of the GoJo deal. Roman signs on the dotted line, Matsson takes over, and installs Tom as his CEO.

Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy in Succession

What happens to Kendall in the Succession season 4 finale?

Kendall loses the board vote and does not become the king of the Waystar empire. In fact, Kendall pretty much loses everything.

Having already driven Rava and his kids away, and Jess resigning as his assistant, taking control of the company is all Kendall had left. After Shiv changes her mind on the board vote, Kendall falls apart, and attacks his brother and sister both verbally and physically.

With the vote lost, Kendall flees the building. We later see him looking mighty disheveled in the very last scene of the drama series, walking through a park with his bodyguard Colin behind him. Kendall looks out at the river, and the screen cuts to black. We’re not sure, but it is implied that Kendall’s suicidal thoughts may have returned.

Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy in Succession

What happens to Shiv in the Succession season 4 finale?

Shiv decides to vote in favor of the GoJo deal, handing control of Waystar over to Lukas Matsson and her husband, Tom Wambsgans.

After Matsson abandons Shiv and decides he doesn’t want her to be CEO anymore, Shiv is intent on bringing him down. However, once she gets in the board room, she changes her mind and cannot back Kendall to take over.

Her decision means Tom takes the crown, and the pair leave together. They may be husband and wife, but there is clearly no love between them as they sit in the car holding hands. Shiv has ultimately gone from being one of the most powerful women around to being the wife of the CEO, and she is not happy.

Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy in Succession

What happens to Roman in the Succession season 4 finale?

Roman arguably ends up the happiest of the Roy siblings in the finale, as he finally is able to get out of the Waystar Royco web once and for all.

Despite his dalliances with power throughout the comedy series, Roman has never really been that interested in the business, and pretty much only wanted to play with it because he was jealous that his big brother had it.

Once the vote goes in favor of GoJo, Roman seems relieved and clearly understands that this is for the best. He ends the series by sitting in a bar and enjoying a nice cocktail, with a smile on his face.

Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans in Succession

What happens to Tom in the Succession season 4 finale?

Somehow, Tom Wambsgans gets everything he wants and is named the new CEO of Waystar Royco thanks to Lukas Matsson gaining control of the company.

Matsson knows Tom will be the perfect puppet for him to manipulate, and gives him the reigns. Tom is congratulated by all the board and the key figures in Waystar, before leaving in a car with Shiv.

Their marriage remains in tact, for now, but they clearly are not happy together. But hey, at least Tom gets to be the most powerful man in the room.

Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch in Succession

What happens to Greg in the Succession season 4 finale?

Greg is given a second chance by Tom and Matsson, and appears to be in the winners’ circle by the end of the show.

When he learned Shiv was not going to become the new Waystar CEO, Greg spilled the beans to Kendall, unwittingly putting Tom’s chances of being named king at risk. Tom learns of this betrayal and the pair have a physical fight, leaving their friendship in tatters.

By the end, Greg apologizes to Tom and asks what the structure of his new team will look like. Tom tells him he has a place for him, and the Disgusting Brothers look set to continue their work together. Oh, and we also know how much Greg gets paid, though he may be in line for a pay cut.

Brian Cox as Logan Roy in Succession

What happens to Waystar Royco in the Succession season 4 finale?

Waystar Royco is sold to GoJo, meaning Lukas Matsson now owns the conglomerate. He installs Tom Wambsgans as his CEO.

We can’t quite believe it, but Tom ended up at the top of the pile after impressing Matsson with his ability to do whatever his boss tells him to do and to gobble shit whenever needed.

It appeared the siblings may finally unite and win the day, but they had an argument once again and messed it all up. So now, the Roy family do not own Waystar Royco, but they do have enough dollar bills to wipe up any tears.

And sadly, that is that. No more Succession. If you can’t get enough, though, here’s our guide on how to run a media empire like Logan Roy, and our breakdown of Shiv and Tom’s relationship. Or, look ahead to more HBO television with our guide to the House of the Dragon season 2 release date or the Euphoria season 3 release date.