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The moment of truth, how will Succession end?

The best TV series of the last few years is about to end. Here's how The Digital Fix team thinks Succession will end and what will happen to the Roys.

The cast of Succession season 4

How will Succession end? It’s the question everyone’s been asking, and this Sunday, we’ll finally find out which of the loathsome Roy siblings will take the crown.

Honestly, though, as gratifying as it will be to see how Succession ends, we’re gonna miss the Roys. So to celebrate one of the best TV series of all time coming to an end, the biggest Succession fans on The Digital Fix team have all had a go at predicting how the show will end.

Now none of us are Nostradamus, nor do we have any access to the Succession cast, so know that anything we write is pure speculation on our part, but just in case any of us accidentally tap into hitherto unknown prophetic powers we weren’t aware of, warning there’s a chance of Succession season 4 spoilers below.

Post-Succession series finale update: Well, Succession fans, the series finale has been and gone. And looking back on our finale predictions, it’s safe to say we’re both proud of our minor accuracy and ashamed of our misfires. (…Admittedly, we were mostly in the wrong.) But hey, Jesse Armstrong and Co have been keeping us on our toes since day one, so it really wouldn’t have been a Succession finale without a few surprises, would it?

How will Succession end?

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Jess – Staff Writer

I’ll be blunt: None of these belligerent Roy brats should win. The tragedy of Shiv is that she was never going to succeed her father, despite probably having wanted to the most. Roman was the epitome of being, as Logan so poetically put it, “not a serious person.” And Kendall was the most frustrating one of all because, ultimately, he might have made the best leader.

When he wasn’t going through a spiral or a blasting-Beastie-Boys-through-headphones era, he was actually pretty serviceable. Strip Kendall of his flare and flash, and there’s some competence there. But Kendall is his worst enemy, and any real power will only result in his downfall, as we’ve repeatedly seen.

I’m willing to bet that they’ll have understood this by the drama series’ end, and the Roy siblings will relinquish control of Waystar Royco, be it by selling off the company or diverting CEO power to someone on the Board of Directors (I mean, Karl and Frank are right there). The Roys will then use their multi-millions to begin their own ventures, as was the plan at the start of the season, and get some much-needed therapy.

Tom and Greg look at each other in Succession season 4

Jakob – Staff Writer

When Succession season 4 began, I predicted Gregory Hirsch would be the ultimate winner of the battle for control at Waystar Royco. That theory was a bit of a joke then, the kind of narrative conclusion that would be so silly it might just work.

As we approach the finale, I am starting to worry that I may have been right. Lukas Matsson is keen to appoint an American CEO, and while Shiv may think she’s in line for the crown, I cannot see the bigoted Swede giving her what she wants, especially when she is pregnant with Tom’s child.

Shiv in SUccession season 4

We’ve seen Greg worm his way into some incredible situations throughout 38 Succession episodes, and he has slowly been getting cozier and cozier with Matsson of late. The hapless cousin would be the perfect puppet, primed to control from afar, and Matsson would surely relish the opportunity to see the looks on the siblings’ faces as he announces Greg.

It should really be Kendall’s crown to inherit, but he will inevitably find a way to mess it up. Tom Wambsgans has been so relentlessly selfish in his pursuit of power it’s almost admirable, and I wouldn’t be mad to see him win. But ultimately, my gut tells me Greg will find himself in the right place at the right time once again and take the big prize.

Kendal (Jeremy Strong) in Succession season 4

Emma – Guides Editor

Succession has always given fans whiplash when it came to the potential Waystar successor. One moment it looks like Shiv will be the winner; the next, Roman has the backing of Gerri. And Season 4 amplifies this trend to the extreme -making predicting an overall Succession winner just as difficult as it was back in season 1. That being said, I still have some theories.

Following the death of Logan in season 4, let’s be frank, all bets are off, and the Roy kids no longer need their father’s approval to make a power play. And as much as I love Sarah Snook and Shiv’s character arc of trying to prove herself in the series, Logan’s passing really puts everything in Kendall’s favor.

Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) in Succession season 4

Throughout this latest season, we’ve seen that Kendall has grown into a sly business snake. He is willing to double-cross his family, abandon his morals, and get into bed with a pseudo-fascist if it means blocking the GoJo deal.

Along with his cold-bloodedness, we’ve seen that he has an advantage over both his siblings. In the case of Roman, he is more assertive and commanding as a leader. And in the case of Shiv, Kendall isn’t pregnant – a problem when the company’s future may be in the hands of an uber-conservative presidential candidate. With this in mind, Kendall is easily my front-runner for who will win Succession at the end of the day.

However, as long-time fans of this TV series know, nothing is easy or predictable. In my opinion, either Kendall achieves the dream he has had from the pilot episode – total Waystar control – or the company completely crumbles, and there is nothing left for the Roys to fight over.

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Tom Percival – Editor

All my colleagues, as bright and brilliant as they are, are unfortunately wrong about the Succession ending. I predict the series will end on an ambiguous note where the Roy family gets exactly what they wanted but not the way they wanted. By hook or by crook, they’ll maintain control of their father’s company, but it will be a phyric victory.

Over four seasons, it should have become apparent by now that Waystar is trapped in an omnicrisis. The siblings, and Logan, basically move from catastrofuck to catastrofuck with no end in sight. I think Succession will end with the Roy siblings stuck in a purgatory of their own making where one will be ascendent one moment and then fall the next. They’ll be trapped forever in a vicious cycle of backbiting and betrayal, which is exactly what they deserve. That or Connor will win (Conheads rise up!)

Connor in Succession season 4

Well, there you have it. In our own little ways, we don’t think we were astonishingly far off. But still, we never could have predicted the ups and downs of the series finale, and it’s left us reeling.

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