Euphoria season 3 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more

The Euphoria season 3 release date and everything else you need to know about Zendaya and HBO's dramatic new TV series including the plot, cast, and more

Euphoria season 3 release date speculation: Zendaya as Rue Bennett in Euphoria

When is the Euphoria season 3 release date? The second season of Euphoria ended early in 2022, and we are dying for more. The crazy world of Euphoria High has us well and truly hooked, as Zendaya leads a cast of dysfunctional, destructive teens through the trials and tribulations of adolescence in this top-tier show.

From Rue’s ongoing battle with drug addiction, Jules’ tumultuous gender transitioning journey, Fez and Ashtray’s run in with the law, and the incredible love triangle between Nate, Maddy, and Cassie, we have been treated to a relentless, tension-filled ride over the last two seasons of this TV series. And that is not even taking into account Lexi’s jaw-dropping play!

There’s sure to be a hell of a lot more drama on the horizon for our favourite teen delinquents, but what about the Euphoria season 3 release date? Who will be dating who when we catch up with the gang again? Which Euphoria characters are coming back for more, and who looks set to be a high school dropout? These kids might not go to class, but we’ve been studying hard and we have all the answers you need.

Euphoria season 3 release date speculation

We don’t know the Euphoria season 3 release date yet, but our best guess is the show will premiere in early 2024. Judging by the timescale of previous seasons, we would estimate that season 3 won’t be on our screens until early 2024, most likely in January.

While Euphoria season 3 has officially got the green light, as confirmed by the official Euphoria Twitter account, there has been no concrete information as to when we can expect to see the drama series return to our screens, but we do know that production is set to kick off in February 2023.

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If we look back, season 1 aired in August 2019, and we had to wait until January 2022 for season 2 to arrive. We did, of course, get a couple of special episodes in that time, and a global pandemic slowed down productions.

Unfortunately, if we were to make an educated guess right now, we won’t get Euphoria season 3 until 2024. We were hoping Sam Levinson would treat us to a couple more special episodes in the meantime, but that’s not the plan this time round, according to Casey Bloys, Chief Content Officer at HBO.

If you can’t get enough of Euphoria, though, there is a German remake on the way, as reported by Variety. So there is that to look forward to, at least.

Euphoria season 3 release date speculation: Zendaya as Rue Bennett in Euphoria

Euphoria season 3 plot speculation

Again, we haven’t had any definitive answers as to what to expect from the Euphoria season 3 plot. Still, if Rue’s narration is anything to go by, where she talks about “staying clean for the rest of the school year”, we can probably expect something of a time-jump between the end of season 2 and when season 3 will pick up.

That appears to be confirmed judging by Zendaya’s comments in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where she said “I think it’ll be exciting to explore the characters out of high school. I want to see what Rue looks like in her sobriety journey, how chaotic that might look.” So, not only will we get a sober Rue, but we will also move away from the school even more.

Zendaya has also spoken about her hopes for seeing Rue experience true “happiness” and that she is looking to instil some “goodness and some joy” in Rue’s story. Let’s see if that actually happens because, so far, happiness doesn’t last very long for the characters of Euphoria.

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We probably won’t get an official synopsis for a while, but the finale of season 2 certainly left us with a lot of questions that need answering.

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Our first and biggest question is, what the hell happened to Fez? The last time we saw the loveable drug dealer, he was lying in his hallway, shielding himself from the crossfire of the conflict between the SWAT team and Ashtray. While Ashtray is all but confirmed to be dead after his reckless rampage, Fez is most likely heading for prison after taking the blame for Ashtray killing Custer.

Speaking of prison, we know for sure that Cal Jacobs is set for some jail time after his son Nate handed him to the police for his years of sexual deviance. But what is Nate planning? Has the bad boy of Euphoria High turned over something of a new leaf, or are his ambitions for revenge further reaching than just his father?

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Let’s not forget the star of the show, Zendaya and her character Rue Bennett. By the end of season 2, Rue is seemingly clean and in a good place. She has said sorry to those she hurt during her darkest depths in her battle with addiction, and she and Jules may be over, but they appear to have now ended on relatively good terms. Surely, the fact Rue lost $10,000 worth of pills which belonged to the creepy drug lord Laurie, will come back to bite her in season 3.

In an interview with Variety, Zendaya spoke of her hopes for being able to “explore [Rue’s] life in the future, closer to the other side and her sobriety journey.” That would be nice, wouldn’t it? But Euphoria doesn’t really give its characters happiness very often, so we will have to see where Rue ends up.

And, finally, as if that wasn’t enough drama, we saw the tension between Cassie and Maddy reach boiling point in the season 2 finale. After Cassie essentially stole Maddy’s boyfriend, Nate Jacobs, the pair had a physical altercation during Lexi’s play, leaving both of them nursing wounds. Nate may have broken up with Cassie, but as Maddy warns her, “Don’t worry, this is just the beginning,” suggesting Cassie has plenty more pain heading her way.

Euphoria season 3 release date: Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs in Euphoria

Euphoria season 3 cast speculation

Zendaya will return as Rue Bennett in the Euphoria season 3 cast, and the star could even be in line to make her directorial debut on the show.

As for the rest of the cast, things aren’t quite as simple though. It has already been confirmed that Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat Hernandez, will not be returning for the next season of Euphoria.

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The likes of Cassie Howard (Sydney Sweeney), Lexi Howard (Maude Apatow), Maddy Perez (Alexa Demie), and Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi) have plenty of unfinished business, so while nothing has been confirmed, we are almost certain they will be back for season 3.

Jules, played by Hunter Schafer, was side-lined somewhat in season 2, as Rue struggled to balance their relationship and her attempts to get clean. The finale of season 2 saw Rue seemingly end the relationship once and for all, albeit amicably, but could that be the end of Jules’ involvement in the tangle of Euphoria High? We suspect she will be back, but how big of a part she plays, remains to be seen.

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Now, here’s where it gets messy. Fez, we presume, is heading for jail, but we would expect to see actor Angus Cloud return for season 3 to pick up the fallout of Ashtray’s antics in the season 2 finale. Ashtray, played by Javon Walton, will almost definitely not return, as the last time we saw him he had a sniper target quite literally on his head. Although the young actor has spoken of his hopes for a miraculous return, we can’t see it happening.

Two of the new additions to the cast for season 2 have also spoken about their hopes and plans for their characters moving into season 3. Dominic Fike, who plays Elliot, confirmed he is “absolutely” returning for the next season of Euphoria when appearing on The Jimmy Fallon Show. And, Chloe Cherry, who plays Fez’s new ally Faye, has said she hopes her character can form a bond with Rue in season 3.

Who’s in the Euphoria season 3 cast?

  • Zendaya as Rue Bennett
  • Hunter Schafer as Jules Vaughn
  • Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard
  • Maude Apatow as Lexi Howard
  • Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs
  • Alexa Demie as Maddy Perez
  • Angus Cloud as Fezco
  • Dominic Fike as Elliot
  • Chloe Cherry as Faye

Euphoria season 3 release date: Angus Cloud as Fez in Euphoria

Will Euphoria get a season 4?

At the moment, there is no word on Euphoria season 4 being confirmed. While we certainly don’t want Euphoria to end any time soon, we have to consider the fact that these characters, and the actors playing them, are getting older, so if there was to be a season 4, the high school setting would probably have to be abandoned.

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That’s everything we know about Euphoria season 3 for now. But don’t worry, we’re listening out for all the gossip from Euphoria High and will keep you up to date as soon as anything changes. In the meantime, why not check out our guide to other drama series like Virgin River season 5, or for more teen trauma, check out our guide to the Ginny and Georgia season 3 release date.

Euphoria is available to stream on NOW (with Entertainment Membership) in the UK and on HBO Max in the US.