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Star Wars Skeleton Crew release date speculation, cast, plot, and news

Put on your Jedi cloak and learn everything we know about the Disney Plus live action series Star Wars Skeleton Crew release date as well as its plot and cast.

Star Wars Skeleton Crew release date

What is the Star Wars Skeleton Crew release date? With the advent of Disney’s own streaming service, a litany of TV series have followed, many of them Star Wars ones. With the success of other series following non-Force-wielding characters, another is on the way.

Off the back of the most recent Star Wars series, Ahsoka, we’ll next be turning our eyes to Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. The upcoming Disney Plus series will be a children’s adventure set in the universe of the best science fiction movies ever made and has all the elements to stand out as one of the best TV series to come from George Lucas’ world.

Of course, the streaming service has a high bar to hit, with some fans already having firm preferences when it comes to their Star Wars series. But we have every faith in this younger, brighter take on the galaxy. Only time will tell if it succeeds, but for now, here’s everything you need to know about the Star Wars Skeleton Crew release date.

When’s the Star Wars Skeleton Crew release date?

Star Wars Skeleton Crew will likely be released in early 2024, potentially January, based on information from the US Copyright Office.

What does the US Copyright Office have to do with Star Wars? Well, Lucasfilm’s copyright filing for the series has a lot of information about Skeleton Crew, including a projected release date. They’ve stated “2024-01” as the projected date of publication. That means, to us, that a January 2024 release date is very much on the cards.

Skeleton Crew release date: Lucasfilm's copyright filing for Skeleton Crew

(This copyright filing also gives us some hints about what the series is officially about, but we’ll get to that in a minute!)

Filming began in September 2022 and wrapped in January 2023, and while we were at Star Wars Celebration 2023, it was announced that Skeleton Crew would air at the end of this year. Of course, that estimation is out the window now, and it makes sense — with no trailers or marketing as late as October 2023, we doubted the likelihood of a release date this year.

Star Wars Skeleton Crew release date: official artwork

Who’s in the Star Wars Skeleton Crew cast?

The Star Wars Skeleton Crew cast will include Jude Law and Kerry Condon, in addition to younger actors. 

Law is no stranger to sci-fi, having played Marvel villain Kree in the 2019 Marvel movie Captain Marvel. However, the exact role he will be playing in this sci-fi drama series is currently unconfirmed, although it’s believed he’s a Jedi on the run.

We already know that the series will center around a group of ten-year-old kids, and at Star Wars Celebration 2022, executive producer Chris Ford clarified that the group would be made up of four people. So, we can expect a group of four young ‘uns leading proceedings and making up the core cast alongside Law.

Here’s the confirmed Skeleton Crew cast list: 

  • Jude Law as TBC
  • Ravi Cabot-Conyers as TBC
  • Kyriana Kratter as TBC
  • Robert Timothy Smith as TBC
  • Ryan Kiera Armstrong as TBC
  • Tunde Adebimpe as TBC
  • Kerry Condon as TBC
  • Jaleel Whiye as TBC

We do have an exciting update, though — Oscar-winning duo The Daniels reportedly directed some of Skeleton Crew. The Everything Everywhere All At Once directors are also joined by Green Knight director David Lowery, who is also said to have directed part of the new series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Star Wars Skeleton Crew release date: official artwork

What’s Star Wars Skeleton Crew about?

We know for certain that the Star Wars Skeleton Crew plot will center around a group of four kids who get lost in space after making a mysterious discovery on their home planet.

You remember that copyright filing from earlier? Well, it also had a description of the work, which gives us the closest thing to a synopsis we’ve had so far.

“In the first episode of the Skeleton Crew, we are introduced to four kids who make a mysterious discovery on their seemingly safe home planet and get lost in a strange and dangerous galaxy. Finding their way home, meeting unlikely allies and enemies, will be a greater adventure than they ever imagined,” it reads.

We foresee the story following the children, perhaps accompanied on their journey by Law’s character (who we imagine to be one of these “allies”), trying to navigate the frightening and vast world of space. Much like the recent Ahsoka series, we imagine that they’ll likely bump into a couple of the best Star Wars characters here and there. This would make sense, considering how Skeleton Crew will take place in the same era as The Mandalorian and Ahsoka. (You may want to start rewatching all the Star Wars movies in order to catch up on the lore so far.)

We also figure that Skeleton Crew will be a little more ’80s in style, perhaps in the same vein as classic children’s adventure movies, such as that of The Goonies but, you know, set in Space. This is hinted at being true by Jude Law himself.

“It’s a little more Amblin,” Law said on The Tonight Show, referring to the production company behind movies such as E.T. and Super 8. “Meaning it’s an adventure of kids, but it’s not in a kids’ world. The jeopardy is real.”

Star Wars Skeleton Crew release date: Star Wars Skeleton Crew logo

Is there a Skeleton Crew trailer?

We saw the trailer while attending Star Wars Celebration 2023, but it won’t be made available to the public until the end of the year, most likely.

Sorry! The teaser (which later leaked online, unfortunately) showed off Jude Law’s character and a few exciting action set pieces. It also showed how the parents of the lost children seemed desperate to get them back.

While we can’t provide the leaked teaser, we can show you the below clip of Jude Law talking about how he got a little starstruck by a certain co-star. We expect the trailer proper to show up on official platforms by the end of 2023, if that January 2024 release date turns out to be accurate.

YouTube Thumbnail

How many episodes will Skeleton Crew have?

Star Wars Skeleton Crew will have eight episodes in the first season.

This matches the same amount of episodes as The Mandalorian and Ahsoka. Of course, we could always hope for a second season if this first step proves to live up to expectations!

YouTube Thumbnail

Where can I watch Star Wars Skeleton Crew?

Star Wars Skeleton crew will be available to watch exclusively on Disney Plus. 

That’s all we currently know about Star Wars Skeleton Crew. Details are sparse but reveals shouldn’t be too far, far away if a 2023 release is still on the cards.

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