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Ahsoka predictions claim “slaughter” is coming in the next episode

It could be bad news for the best Star Wars characters when Ahsoka returns to Disney Plus. There might well be bloodshed on the horizon for the Ahsoka cast.

Ahsoka could get brutal in the next episode, according to Star Wars fans

Star Wars fans are certainly having a great time, for the most part at least, with Ahsoka. Streaming weekly on Disney Plus, the show has taken a fan-favorite character from the franchise’s animated universe and given her the spotlight in live-action. Now there are only two episodes to go, and there could be violence in the horizon.

In fact, Star Wars communities think this upcoming installment of one of the franchise’s best TV series to date could get seriously bloody. Ahsoka episode 6 finally introduced Grand Admiral Thrawn, one of the best Star Wars villains, and set him on a collision course with Ahsoka Tano as our hero follows the Pathway to Peridea by riding in the mouth of a Purrgil.

Thrawn, of course, has shown in his best animated series appearances that he’s utterly ruthless. So in a Reddit thread speculating about Ahsoka’s seventh episode, a popular theory suggests that Thrawn could attempt to put an end to the Purrgil, along with our heroes.

“I think a lot of Purrgil are going to get slaughtered, which will prove to be a huge mistake on Thrawn’s behalf,” wrote one commenter, in a sentiment shared by plenty of uthers. “I think it’ll waken and possibly enrage whatever is on Peridia, which might be bad news for Baylan and Shin if they discover it in some kind of comatose state.”

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Concurring, another user wrote, “I think we might see some Purrgil death.” Of course, we also know that Peridea is the end of a Purrgil migration path and is often where the star whales go to die. So plenty of the Purrgil in the pod the best Star Wars characters used to hitch a lift will soon be coming to a peaceful end to their lives anyway, whether Thrawn decides to get violent or not.

Either way, we reckon this week’s Ahsoka could see the Star Wars series deliver really bad news for anybody with an affection for the hyperspace cetaceans in the Ahsoka cast. Sorry in advance, folks.

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