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Is Venom in Across the Spider-Verse?

Across the Spider-Verse has more cameos than your average Marvel movie. Here's whether Spider-Man's arch nemesis Venom makes an appearance in Spider-Verse 2.

Across the Spider-verse: Tom Hardy's Venom

Is Venom in Across the Spider-Verse? The problem with constantly escalating sequels is that inevitably it creates a degree of expectation amongst people, and when No Way Home came out it basically set Spider-Man fan’s expectations at a super high level.

As a result, those of us who love Spider-Man have become quite greedy. Thankfully all the recent Spider-Man movies have been great, and Spider-Verse 2 is no exception (check out our Across the Spider-Verse review for more on that).

Still, as the film explores the multiverse, fans have become convinced the animated movie will feature all sorts of cameos from across the web of life, and a recent trailer convinced some people that Tom Hardy’s Venom would make an appearance. So is Venom in Spider-Verse 2?

Is Venom in Across the Spider-Verse?

No, Venom isn’t in Spider-Verse 2, but The Spot does visit his home dimension Earth-688, while experimenting with his powers.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t run into Eddie Brock or the symbiote. Instead, he meets Mrs Chen, the woman who owns the convenience store below the Lethal Protector’s apartment.

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Will Venom be in Spider-Verse 3?

We can’t shake the feeling that the reason Spider-Verse 3 is called “Beyond the Sider-Verse” for a reason, and we’re confident a number of live-action characters will appear in the film, including Tom Hardy’s Venom.

Now don’t go telling everyone that it’s definitely happening, this is just speculation on our part, but you’ve got to admit it would be pretty cool to see all the live-action Spider-Men and Venom help Miles save the day.

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