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New Jackie Chan movie has topped the Netflix charts

Hidden Strike, the new action movie starring wrestler John Cena and martial arts legend Jackie Chan, has topped Netflix's viewing charts all over the world.

jackie chan in hidden strike

At 69 years old, Jackie Chan is proving he’s just as much of a Hollywood legend as ever with his new film, Hidden Strike, shooting to the top of various Netflix charts.

The new movie, which unites Chan with Peacemaker cast member John Cena, follows two special forces soldiers (Chan and Cena) as they undertake the dangerous task of escorting Iraqi civilians across what is known as Baghdad’s ‘Highway of Death.’

The Jackie Chan movie takes inspiration from real life because the ‘Highway of Death’ — which was officially known as Highway 80 — actually existed during the Gulf War. The six-lane highway ran between the edge of Kuwait City in Iraq and the city of Basra.

The highway got its name after the US Armed Forces launched a coordinated land, air, and sea attack against the Iraqi trucks and tanks occupying the highway. The attack lasted ten hours, and the exact death toll from the 1991 attack is still unknown, although it is estimated to be in the thousands.

Directed by Scott Waugh, Chan stars in Hidden Strike as Commander Luo, a soldier tasked with escorting 500 civilians through Highway 80 to the Green Zone after their home is attacked by dangerous rebels seeking to overtake an oil refinery. Meanwhile, Cena stars as former Marine Chris, who ends up joining forces with Chan.

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While reviews for Hidden Strike are mixed, the action movie‘s explosive success on Netflix speaks for itself, as it dominates the streamer’s global top ten. Since its July 6 release, the Netflix movie has amassed 37 million hours watched on the streamer — with 22 million viewers around the world tuning in last week alone.

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