Loki is officially returning for season 2

Disney Plus has officially announced a second season of the hit Marvel Cinematic Universe’s TV show Loki. The news was announced after the final episode in a mid-credit sting where the God of Mischief’s case file was stamped with the message, “Loki will return in season 2.”

Unfortunately, the sting gave no clue as to what might happen in the second season although it’s most likely the show will deal with the fallout of Loki’s episode six. While we’ve generally been warm on Loki, we struggled with the season one finale, which was entertaining but seemed a little preoccupied with setting up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness than the God of Mischief.

Loki is the third Marvel Studio’s TV series to hit Disney’s streaming service and the first to have a second season confirmed. While there’s been no confirmation or denial about a second season of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, we know there are no plans for another run of WandaVision. Elizabeth Olsen herself denied that Marvel had any plans to do another series.

Speaking to Kaley Cuoco as part of Variety’s Actor on Actor series, Olsen was asked about a potential second series to which she replied; “It’s definitely a limited series” before adding you can never say no with Marvel but that she’d be “shocked” if there was another season.

The events of the Loki finale tie will likely directly into one of Marvel’s next big-screen outings and Disney Plus’s next TV show. The sixth episode ended with Sylvie finally killing the man responsible for the TVA and her suffering, Kang the Conqueror. His death appeared to cause the birth of the multiverse, setting up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and What If…?

Loki is streaming in its entirety on Disney Plus now.

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