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Who does Ke Huy Quan play in Loki season 2?

Loki season 2 is finally here, and it's bringing in Marvel characters new and old. One new cast member is Ke Huy Quan, and we're here to tell you who he plays.

Who does Ke Huy Quan play in Loki? Ke Huy Quan as OB

Who does Ke Huy Quan play in Loki season 2? Loki’s back, and he’s up to his time-jumping mischief once again. We’ve been waiting for season 2 to hit our screens for a while now, so we’re thrilled to be thrown back into the often confusing world of the TVA.

The MCU spin-off had a generally positive response, and for many, it became one of the better Marvel series to take on one of the best Marvel characters. Now, the Loki season 2 release date has arrived, and there’s a whole new bunch of faces to know, and one of them is Ke Huy Quan.

You already knew him, of course, from his success in the awards race of 2023. But who does Ke Huy Quan play in Loki, and what does his character do? Well, read ahead to find out everything you need to know!

Who does Ke Huy Quan play in Loki?

Ke Huy Quan plays Ouroboros (otherwise known as OB) in Loki, a TVA tech expert who works in the Repairs and Advancement department.

OB’s job is best described by producer Kevin Wright, who said [via Entertainment Weekly]: “His job is basically every piece of tech, every computer, everything that is running at the TVA. He either designed it, or he fixes it and keeps it running.”

It seems fitting that Ke Huy Quan, who is most recently known for his Oscar-winning role in Everything Everywhere All At Once, should find himself pulled into another universe/time-hopping role.

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OB was first introduced in the trailer for season 2 when he first introduced Mobius and Loki to the concept of Time Slipping. He seems to know his stuff, and although he is a handyman at heart, he claims he’s unable to fix Loki’s wibbly-wobbly time jumping.

Still, we have hope that OB will come into play a lot during the new season, and even with his cluttered office filled with knick-knacks and tools, that he’ll be able to lend a helping hand.

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