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Is The Continental streaming? How to watch the John Wick TV series

It's time to return to the John Wick universe with this series, but before that, you need to know the best streaming options for how to watch The Continental.

Colin Woodell as Young Winston in The Continental

Is The Continental streaming? It hasn’t been too long since John Wick 4 came and went, but now we’re looking to the future (actually, the past) with this prequel about the secret assassin hotel we’ve visited throughout the films.

As for where to watch the John Wick TV series, luckily we don’t have to shoot through hallways of goons racking up the highest kill count or present our ring fingers to a villain in the desert to find out what the best streaming services are for The Continental.

A continuation of some of the best action movies of recent years, here’s how to watch The Continental. The John Wick 5 release date may be up in the air like expended shotgun shells, but we’ve got exact details on your options below.

Where can I watch The Continental?

The Continental premiered Friday, September 22, on Peacock, and the only way to watch it is with a streaming subscription.

Peacock costs $6 per month for the ad-supported tier or $12 for the Premium package. This is the only way to watch the spin-off in the US.

In the UK, the series debuted on Amazon Prime Video in the UK on the same day at 1pm. The second episode arrives on Friday, 29 September and the third follows on Friday, 6 October.

Mel Gibson in The Continental

Is The Continental streaming?

As of September 22, The Continental is streaming on Peacock. You can keep up with the three-part series weekly on the streaming service.

The series is exclusive to Peacock in the US, so you won’t find it on cable or other services.

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Is The Continental on Netflix?

Sadly, The Continental is not streaming on Netflix and is unlikely to ever be.

Sorry! Because the prequel is a Peacock exclusive, it won’t be on Netflix. We do have a list of what is new on Netflix if you’re looking for something to stream, though.

The Continental poster: A man stands outside the hotel's lit entrance with a gun behind his back

Is The Continental on Disney Plus?

The Continental isn’t on Disney Plus, unfortunately. You can check into the hotel on Peacock instead.

There are plenty of Marvel series and Star Wars series on Disney Plus instead if you’re into that sort of thing. We also keep an eye on what’s new on Disney Plus for you.

Is The Continental on Amazon Prime Video?

In the US, The Continental is not on Amazon Prime Video, but it is streaming there for UK viewers.

US viewers have Peacock available to them, but since the UK doesn’t have that service yet, a deal was struck to distribute the series elsewhere. If you’ve got an Amazon Prime Video subscription, you can follow along with the episodes weekly. Use our link above to get a free trial if you’re a new customer.

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Is The Continental on Blu-ray?

It’s difficult to say if The Continental will get a Blu-Ray physical media release. Most Peacock shows don’t, but there have been exceptions.

Rian Johnson’s Poker Face had a Blu-Ray announced, for example. But often with streaming services, fans have to make some noise, or the creatives themselves get involved by putting their weight behind a disc release. All of the John Wick movies have received quality Blu-Rays, with 4K options and steelbooks, so we’d hazard a guess there will be some demand for The Continental to at least get a standard full HD disc.

Happy viewing! For more on the universe, we’ve got breakdowns on the John Wick cast and is Keanu Reeves in The Continental. You can also find out how to watch John Wick 4 or read about new movies, our hand-picked best TV series, or the best Keanu Reeves movies.